My Lemony Yellow Napa Valley Bridal Shower

What’s better than getting out of town with your closest friends for one last hurrah before the wedding!?  Especially if you have friends spread throughout the nation, a weekend getaway is a great opportunity to meet up and spend some quality time together instead of just a couple of hours.  So that’s exactly what my friends Jenny and Michelle decided to do with my lemony yellow Napa Valley bridal shower!  This week is my two year anniversary and I love looking back and reminiscing about all the festivities that took place beforehand!  My girlfriends and I went up to the gorgeous Carneros Inn in Napa where Nancy Liu Chin created an amazing event with lots of sunny yellow and citrus accents.  I love lemons and they are such an easy decor piece whether it’s simply using the color or the actual fruit in vases, on tables, and everywhere in between!  The simple white florals with the gorgeous ranunculus and baby’s breath accenting the cheery yellow pops of color were fresh and beautiful and just perfect!  You can also see my inspiration for it and also the feature in Destination I Do!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired… 


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