Coffee and Donuts Love Shoot

Not quite ready for an engagement session but want pretty photos of you and your mister anyways?  A lifestyle session or (“love shoot”) is definitely the way to go!  Whether it’s a love session or you have that ring on your finger, taking photos at your home creates a unique authentic feel on film.  We love that today’s photographer, Ashley Kelemen, decided to capture Megan and Adam’s sweet and playful energy in the place they are most comfortable: their apartment.

From Megan: “The mornings are our favorite time together. The world is still so still and quiet and we just sit together on the sofa drinking our coffee and occasionally, (since there’s a donut place next door) have a delicious, sugary morning treat. There are no distractions, just us talking about life, goals, the weeks plans, etc. I can’t thank Ashley enough for coming over and documenting a moment we truly cherish together and making it so fun!” 

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

Photography: Ashley Kelemen Photography