Inspired by The Luminous Portrait by Elizabeth Messina + A Giveaway!

I am so excited to share with you the launch of my dear friend Elizabeth Messina’s book, The Luminous Portrait! It comes out today! The book is full of Elizabeth’s gorgeous work from weddings to babies along with some of the best advice about everything from posing subjects to the lighting of a space.  Elizabeth has been trusted to photograph celebrity clients for years now and in this book you get a whole chapter full of glimpses into celebrities like Tori Spelling and Jason Priestley’s lives.  There are pages and pages of insanely beautiful inspiration that is a must for any photographer, from amateur to professional!  You can order it on Amazon here but today I am giving away a signed copy of the book! How amazing is that?! Just post a comment below about why you are so excited about the book and I will pick a winner at random!

P.S. You might see someone familiar make an appearance in the book 😉

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

0 responses to “Inspired by The Luminous Portrait by Elizabeth Messina + A Giveaway!

  1. I’m excited to win the book to see how she captures special moments with natural lighting and be inspired! 🙂 Such beautiful pictures!

  2. I’ve admired Elizabeth’s work for years. Her heart comes through in her pictures. I would LOVE to get my hands on her book!

  3. Elizabeth is truly a genius when it comes to lighting portraits. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to glean some knowledge from her book!

  4. Everyone needs an inspirational book that can also be the beautiful book on the coffee table. I would love to have it 🙂

  5. I would love to see all her wonderful portraits AND pass this book on to our friend who is taking our photographs for us for free, this would be a great “thank you” gift!

  6. To own this book would be incredible! Elizabeth plays a huge inspiration in my life, I swoon every time I see her lovely photos.

  7. Natural light portraits are the most beautiful! Would love to see how she combines natural light tips with posing tips. Looks like a great book!

  8. win this!! ……..i follow this!! pick this!! waiting for your book…thoughts…ideas….sharing……….. to grow…to improve….to acquire knowledge…….

  9. Because Elizabeth has inspired me to find the true beauty in everyday life, and believe in true love. XO

  10. elizabeth makes beautiful images to be gushed over for centuries. i’d love to win this and get a bit in side the working mind of an amazing photographer.

  11. Elizabeth Messina is my favorite photographer! I’m a big time follower of her blog and I’m constantly inspired by her photos. I adore her honesty and ingenuity — as a young female photography lover living in a small town with almost no one to share this passion with, I feel like Elizabeth Messina is a close friend and great inspiration!

  12. I became entranced by Elizabeth’s work the first time I saw it (which was for Twigs & Honey). I stumbled upon her website soon after and thought that this isn’t real, ALL the photos were so breathtaking!! I would so very much LOVE to get my hands on a copy of her wonderful book so I can fall in love all over again!

  13. As the Creative Director for Smitten Magazine, I have had the honor to see Elizabeths stunning work up-close & often, and her photography has graced our cover TWICE! By far, one of my favorite photographers out there (and I see a lot)!

  14. I’m so excited about all this beautiful photography on paper, instead of just a screen! And to look at it with my friend who introduced me to KisstheGroom when she gets back from Kenya in August <3

  15. I really admire her work and would love to win this book and spends hours pouring over the images!

  16. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book! Even if I don’t win this giveaway, I’m definitely ordering it! Such a big fan of Elizabeth Messina!

  17. I am a huge fan of Elizabeth’s work! Her photography is truly amazing! I would love to win her new book. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  18. Elizabeth is THE photographer I’ve latched onto, fanwise, as all of her photos are truly stunning, both in composition, content, and technique. I would love to own a copy of her book to hold and feel her pictures, as well as learn some helpful photography pointers.

  19. Elizabeth’s work just oozes gorgeousness. I would love to “ooh” and “aah” page after page and winning a SIGNED copy would be a dream come true!

  20. Elizabeth is truly a visionary of light, love, and all things that make the heart flutter. Whenever I’m feeling that I’ve forgotten why I love this business, I visit her images and I’am reminded of all that is lovely and right with the world.

  21. I’m a fairly new fan of Elizabeth’s, but when I first saw her photography my mouth literally fell open. I would love to win a signed copy to better my own photography and learn so much from her, she has already been such an inspiration:)xoxo

  22. I’ve just launched my own wedding photography business, and have been following Elizabeth closely. Her work is stunning, truly inspiring. I have a lot to learn, especially given that I’m in London and the skies are mostly grey and dark here. But I don’t want to let that stop me! I would be grateful to learn some tips and tricks to seek out and find truly magical light, in all locations. Fingers crossed!

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