Inspired by the Anatomy of a Grey and Shepherd Wedding

The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy left everyone on the edge of their seats. Who would be returning and who was dying off? After Izzie ended up planning all of Meredith and Derek’s wedding and then walking down the aisle instead of her, it left me wondering…what would a Grey and Shepherd wedding really look like. We know Meredith is by no means prissy therefore I envision an intimate and very casual day. That is if the day ever does happen. So far most weddings on Grey’s seem doomed..Derek and Addison, Bailey and Tucker, The Chief and his on and off again wife and we can’t forget George and Callie or Burke and Christina…Well if they do actually walk down the aisle, below is a peek into how we see it unfolding. Be sure to tune in tonight for the 2 hour season premier!

mer and derekPhoto found on People Photo found on

A dress for Mer to hide the “dark and twisty”6a00e554a1ee588834010535b70630970b-320wiDress by West Aussie Wedding

Dr. Mcdreamy will look every bit of his name in this ensemble

br664088-00vliv01Suit by Banana Republic

A grey dress for Grey’s maid of honor Christina

Untitled-1 copyDress by JCrew

Wild boutonnieresIMG_4276 from flower wild

A loose and wild bouquet for MeredithIMG_4271 from flowerwildFound on Wild Flower Events

A casual yet elegant outdoor cocktail hour1Photo found on JL Designs

earthy and fun receptionberrymanbrougher0136Photo by Carrie Patterson

Lovely non-fussy cakeskirstenellis_042Photo by Beaux Arts Photography, Found on Once Wed


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  1. This just gets me even more excited to watch tonight!! I’ve missed it!! Love that wedding dress too… so Meredith…

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