Inspired by These Handwritten Letters

Handwritten letters and notes seem to be somewhat of a lost art form yet they are such a simple way to make someone feel special. The most beautifully crafted email can in no way compare to a letter sent via snail mail in the sender’s own imperfect printing. One of my favorite episodes of Oprah was her interviewing the widow of an American soldier, who wrote beautiful letters to their infant son. The letters instructed him on how to be a man and all of the other lessons he would unfortunately not live long enough to impart himself. I love that their son has hard copies of his father’s heartfelt words for him. It makes them tangible and everlasting. Check it out for yourself!

My love for letters doesn’t stop at sending and receiving them in the mail. I absolutely love when they are incorporated into the details of a wedding. Handwritten tags, a note from the groom to the bride delivered with her bouquet or any bit of hand penned scratch, only lends that much more intimate charm to the day. Those of you who have seen the Sex and The City movie, surely remember the portions where Big emails Carrie love letters he retyped from great men from the past. They later incorporated them into their wedding vows, which is also a great way to work old beautiful words into your special day.

If you love letters as much as I do, check out the book, 150 Love letters you were never meant to see and the 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time.

Carrie and Big just after he uttered these words from Ludwig Van Beethoven, “Ever mine, ever thine, ever ours.”


Found on the blog:  Cultural Cocktail hour


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Found on The Ritzy Bee letter by Twig and Thistle


Found on The Ritzy Bee, Photography by Corbin Gurkin and styled by Duet Weddings


Found on Betsy White’s blog, cakes by Martha Stewart Weddings


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  1. love them too! and sending cards for any and all holidays possible….’cause why not?? 🙂

  2. I love this, it is one of my favorite style of canvas’s to do for people to!….reading peoples memories, and love letters…just makes you feel warm and fuzzy….
    Great post!

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