Inspired by this Wedding Flora and Fauna

There is nothing like wandering through wispy branches, sculpted shrubs, and layers of blooming color and texture. I could lose myself in a garden or field for hours. They are the perfect juxtaposition of art and nature. I am sure some of you find this fairly predictable after I shared my undying love for Green last week. As much as I adore a manicured lawn and plants plotted on a plane as if they were in a painting, the free form of a field of wild flowers can captivate me upon every viewing. Many of my favorite engagement or wedding pictures are of couples submerged in a grassy meadow. The ethereal feeling of being surrounded by what God naturally created helps to re-connect me with my life’s purpose and fills me up with gratitude for all that I have been blessed with.

Escaping from the emails, phone calls, city noise and worldly cares by wandering into a flowery patch is the best mini vacay for my soul. On my recent trip to New York, I was so inspired by Central Park! I seriously fell in love! Retreating to a flora and fauna oasis removed from the hustle and bustle was truly amazing. I hope that those who haven’t had the pleasure of standing in such beauty lately can soon go out and create the opportunity!

“The most important part of what a garden does lies in the mysterious, subtle, nearly ineffable but heartfelt ways it stirs you to the depth of your soul.”

-Dominique Browning, Paths of Desire

I am so inspired by this wedding flora and fauna!

gabriel-ryan-gardenphoto by Gabriel Ryan

jose-villa-purplephoto by Jose Villa-Image found on Green Wedding Shoes

A little garden variety I created myselfgarden1

my new love: Central Parkcentral-park-the-mall-1577-x-1200


photo by Stephanie Williams


photo by Jenna Walker Photographers


photo by Luna Photo


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  1. Hi Leila, thanks for using my image in this post (the one directly under the heading “my new love: Central Park ♥”); it humbly sits in great company in comparison with the others you used. I’m curious – how did you find the image? I haven’t had it online in like 4 years. It must be one of those internet mysteries.


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