Honey Gold Wedding Inspiration

This beautiful shoot is all about the warm and rich color palette! Honey gold wedding inspiration is everywhere from the ribbons on the bouquet to the flatware on the table. But what we love most, is the air it exudes – a romantic, soft, and warm essence. The bride dons a sleek creamy ivory gown that in and of itself is beautiful, but when paired with a delicate updo and lush bouquet creates a positively radiant look. The designers at Matchless Gem, along with a fabulous team of vendors did a beautiful job of pairing every element perfectly. Below, they share their inspiration and the beautiful result!

Warm colors of honey and the delicate wings of little bees were the inspiration for this styled shoot featuring the beauty of natural elements. The graceful fluidity of soft, flowy cream fabric added a brightness to complement the organic textures and hues of golden honey, just as milk lightens a cup of tea.

The balance of classic and clean with careful, luscious layers of rich flavors and details was accompanied by a color palette influenced by the full spectrum of honey shades. We were drawn to the chargers made of local clay, as the color is similar to the more assertive, dark honey. This was the perfect contrast to the bright golden yellow tones found in the more fruity and mild flavored honeys we chose to highlight.

A wispy, delicate stalk of wheat inspired the style of airy, free form floral arrangements and neutral linen napkins. Remaining true to nature is something we value, and the flowers from Roses & Mint were the perfect match as they embraced modern, organic shapes. The moody floral shades created so much depth, and the mix of textures added the final touch.

The way the character-filled venue, The Lalumondiere, embraces their breathtaking surroundings is truly captivating. The charm shines through the quaint and artfully curated corners that are so welcoming, you will never want to leave. Their ivy covered ‘birdcage’ is the perfect frame to a joyous event like the sacred union of two people. 

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