Happy Hour Themed Bridal Shower

This bridal shower is girly and vintage and full of pretty cocktails and cozy couches. What more could you want for a celebration with friends than an at home-lounge! The chalkboard menu adds to the cocktail-bar atmosphere and the glitzy pillows make it a place the gals want to stay all night! Dress me in tulle and hand me a cosmo, am I right?! Not to mention, everybody loves a slice of pink cake and a perfectly packaged thank-you gift! Jennifer Skog obviously had a lot of fun planning her lil-sis’s shower and captured all the fun herself!

Here’s how it all came about: I threw this bridal shower for my baby sister, hair and makeup artist, Lindsay Skog.  She wanted something a little nontraditional and asked for a cocktail party rather than the standard champagne brunch.  Choosing a color palette of mauve-y pinks, blushes, ivory, black and gold, we completely transformed my front room into a swanky lounge.  We pulled inspiration from 1930’s Art Deco and added elements of reclaimed wood, tarnished brass, vintage china and glassware, and pink tulle for our very own eclectic ambiance.  Using a collection of antique furniture from Milk Glass Vintage Rentals with modern throw pillows of all different shapes and textures gave our guests a comfortable place to sit and chat.  Flowers were provided by Nicole Ha Designs and styled with berries from my yard by PJ of Milk Glass.  To break the ice and get the ladies mingling, we started the night off with ‘Guess the Famous Wives’ game, where a name is placed on your back and you have to ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to figure out who you have (think Elizabeth Taylor, Marge Simpson, June Carter Cash, etc.).  The night was full of tasty appetizers, champagne cocktails and a lot of laughs, definitely the way to go with having a shower!

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Custom Chalk: Swoon Custom Chalk
China and Glassware Rentals: Frances Lane
Vintage Furniture Rentals: Milk Glass Vintage Rentals
Event Design: PJ Rude, Milk Glass Vintage Rentals
Event Design: Jennifer Bishop
Photography: Jennifer Skog
Flowers: Nicole Ha & PJ Rude, Milk Glass Vintage Rentals

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  1. I would say that anything happy hour themed is right up my alley, but especially this! Love the pink and gold goodness!

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