The Dos and Don’ts of Registering for Your Wedding

Registering for your wedding is oftentimes one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t complicated! How much should you register for? What will you actually use? Quality or quantity? Where to register? These are just a few of the age old questions every couple faces when registering. To make it easier on you, we gathered a few tips from wedding industry pros; they share the dos and don’ts of registering and some of their best suggestions– wine anyone? Happy shopping!

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1. Register for Your Honeymoon!

“Nothing is more special then making memories on your honeymoon. Add a list of adventures you would like to go on and create a honeymoon fund for your guests to contribute to!” says Susie Chappelear of Susie Marie Photography.

Kari Dirksen of Feathered Arrow echoes, “I always tell couples to evaluate what they really need and put that on your registry. If they already have built a life and home together, a lot of times clients have a lot of the home goods they would typically register for. If that’s the case, I suggest to make a honeymoon fund so that guests can help send them on an amazing trip together!

2. Consider China Carefully

Sara Fried of Fête Nashville says, “When registering for your tabletop items… flatware, barware, china, etc. decide if you are really going to use an expensive high-end china set. These items are very fragile, mostly have to be hand-washed, have to be kept in secure padded containers and may not be available in ten years if you should need replacement pieces. You or your fiancé may also be inheriting a nice china set from your families. If you don’t think you will get a lot of use from fancy china, choose a nice set of everyday china, so it can be used for all occasions.

Also – some china comes in sets – with the dinner plate, salad plate, bread plate, bowl, coffee cup, and saucer. Register for what you think you will use and then see if you can register for extra dinner plates and bowls; chances are you won’t need additional coffee cups and saucers.”

3. Register for Special Occasion Wine

“If you really want to impress your guests, register for a few bottles you can save for special occasions like your First Anniversary or New Year’s Eve together. You’ll be able to make the most out of your amazing new glasses,” recommends Jacki Strum of ThirstyNest.

4. Keep Your Guests’ Budget in Mind

“When registering for your wedding gifts, register for a wide range of items (and in a wide price range). While the more expensive items (such as fine china, specialty kitchen items, and honeymoon contributions) are fun to register for, it’s important have less costly items as an option for guests who want to give you a gift, but not necessarily spend a significant amount of money,” says Tyler Speier of Tyler Speier Events.

5. Pool Your Inventory

Take inventory of what you really need as a couple and start your registry from that list. You don’t have to get 12 sets of China if you’re never going to have that amount of people over.” – Victoria Holland of Victoria Ann Events

6. Research Store Discounts

Jamie Bohlin of Cape Cod Celebrations says, “Most registries offer a special “post wedding discount” for any items remaining on your registry, so add on that expensive wine fridge because you could save money buying it later with your cash gifts!”

7. Think Outside the Box

“Many of our brides have loved using Zola which is a site that offers thousands of gifts and experiences, plus cash funds all in one place. I would say, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and register for things you really want/need (and not things that will sit in boxes forever). I literally use every single thing from my wedding (except for the rice cooker but I didn’t even want that anyway, someone said I HAD to have it so I added it to my registry)” says Valarie Falvey of Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design.

What wedding planning questions do you want answered?

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