DIY Eucalyptus Chandelier from Gather Events

We have an innovative and easy DIY for you that will stop traffic at your wedding- in any season! This DIY chandelier needs minimal supplies and minimal time, and not only looks great, but smells good too! Your guests will be ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the beauty overhead, and possibly think their in a dream. Not getting married? No worries, you can hang these glittering branches from the ceiling of your home, or from a lattice outdoors to spice up any space with some bohemian glamour :).

Gather Events says…

Sometimes it’s fun to do things a little differently, right? We originally dreamt up this fun branch chandelier for a bride who wanted a family style dinner, but also wanted lots of greenery at her dinner tables. The family style platters took up a lot of real estate on the dinner tables, so to solve our dilemma of where to fit the greenery, all we had to do was look up. Why not hang all of the living florals and greenery from the ceiling? Done and done. This is a very simple way to dress up any tablescape, large or small.


Cluster of branches (we chose silver dollar eucalyptus)
Spray paint (optional)
A piece of wood (we chose a board around 1’x4’ and 5/16” thick)
Mini eye screws

DIY Eucalyptus Chandelier



1. Collect your branches and break them up into single vertical branches about 2’ long. Spray a few individual branches with gold spray paint to give the chandelier a bit of dimension and glamour.

DIY Eucalyptus Chandelier

2. Measure out and pencil mark a pattern for placement of eye screws on the piece of wood. Think about placing the screws far enough apart so that the branches aren’t too crowded. Our board allowed for 3 rows. In each row, the screws were placed 6” apart.

3. Screw the eye screws into the piece of wood according to your marks.

DIY Eucalyptus Chandelier

4. Run a line of twine through one eye loop and tie it in a sturdy knot.

DIY Eucalyptus Chandelier

5. Tie the loose end of the same piece of twine around one single branch. You can determine how long you want the branch to hang from the piece of wood. Our branches are about 6’ from the wood.

DIY Eucalyptus Chandelier

6. Repeat until you have all of your branches hung on every hook.

DIY Eucalyptus Chandelier

When finished, hang the piece of wood over your dinner or display table and wait for thunderous applause and endless praise from your guests. (Learn how to make the pretty candle centerpieces pictured too!)

      DIY Eucalyptus Chandelier DIY Eucalyptus Chandelier


Concept, Design and Styling:  GATHER Events
Photography: Krista Mason Photogrpahy



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