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May 22, 2014

DIY Candle Holders from Gather Events

For those of you looking to utilize those power tools, here’s your chance! But don’t let that scare you, if you know your way around a table saw it is super easy to create these DIY candle holders! With your choice of colored candlesticks, these wooden candle holders will look great anywhere! We love the gold, white, tangerine, and pale blue color palette! Gather Events shows us how its done and we’re in love with the finished product! Make these even more your own by staining the wood to match your vision!

What You Need:

Table Saw
Drill and 3/4 in. bit
Rectangular Wood Blocks
Nail File


1. Saw the wood blocks to your desired length. We love creating some short and some long for a varied effect.

2. Drill holes equidistant in the middle of the longer wood blocks, and on the side of the shorter blocks to create taller holders.

3. Sand the holes clean with the nail file.

4. Insert your desired candlesticks (make sure they match the 3/4 in. diameter!).

5. Step back and admire how pretty your new candle holders are!

DIY Candle Stick Holders DIY Candle Stick Holders DIY Candle Stick Holders DIY Candle Stick Holders DIY Candle Stick Holders DIY Candle Stick Holders DIY Candle Stick Holders

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  • Chelsea

    So simple and cute!! Love!

  • Ruth

    These are really cute for parties! Need to get my hubby to help me make some!

  • Ally Streelman

    I really love those colored candles and the overall look of this!

    • Same here! So easy and can be changed up with different colors, patterns, etc for different events!

  • Leila Lewis

    I love this one!

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