The post-quarantine checklist you need but don’t want

The end of Quarantine?! Say what now!!! If you are here in Los Angeles, like us then this seems far off. However, we realize that a lot of our readers are spread out all over the world so we did not want to wait to release this post-quarantine checklist you need but don’t want. Now we know you will end up wanting this checklist, but we titled it this way because we wanted to give it to you straight today. No sugarcoating it. The world is different and we will not snap back immediately so we laid out 9 things we will be keeping in mind as we inch closer to “normal”.

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.01 – Take it slow

Even though the quarantine is over, this isn’t the time to rush back to “normal life!” Make sure you’re slowly easing back into your regular routines. It might seem hard after waiting so long, but it’ll be worth it, in the long run, to make sure you’re staying safe and healthy while you’re getting back into the groove of your normal life.

.02 – Keep the Momentum Going

Keep up with the easy-to-maintain habits you’ve been using during quarantine. Things like carrying hand sanitizer with you and wiping down the handle of your grocery cart are easy and low-maintenance, and they’re good practices to keep up with even when there isn’t a pandemic! Just because the quarantine is over, don’t toss these habits aside!

.03 – Be more mindful when you’re with large groups of people

Trust us, there’s nothing we love more than getting to taste-test a bestie’s cocktail at a bar when we aren’t sure what we want to order! But in all honesty, pandemic or no pandemic, this probably isn’t the best thing to be doing for health reasons. Even when you’re back to hanging out with friends again, try to keep in mind some of the lessons we’ve learned through the quarantine and apply those to the “new” world – avoid sharing food and drinks with others and turn down invitations to go out if you’re showing even the smallest signs of being sick.

.04 – Know your limits

This applies to cocktails, social time, and your budget! Once phase three of reopening hits wherever you are, we know you’ll want to go all out. Celebrating is great, but don’t destroy your liver or savings doing such! The wine bar will still be there tomorrow, and we want you to be too!

.05 – Be sensitive to other’s limits

You want to go out and see all your loved ones. As you should, you miss them! However, some people may adjust back to normal life slower than others, whether for health or emotional reasons. If you feel as though some members are retreating when everyone else is heading out, don’t take it as a reflection of their feelings for you. They’re probably just an introvert and not quite ready to leave their self-induced isolation.

.06 – Display Patience

BE PATIENT WITH BUSINESSES AS THEY REOPEN THE EMPLOYEES ARE TRYING THEIR BEST! If you have to wait much longer at a restaurant because they are at capacity, just take a moment to sit and take in being at a restaurant instead of complaining to the staff. If your nail salon is short-staffed, respond with kindness, not impatience. If your online order is on backorder, be annoyed with the rest of us but don’t take it out on others, please!

.07 – Start preparing before you leave your house

People in the restaurant business have already talked about providing single-use menus. While we hope those will be recyclable and waste-free, opt to review menus online beforehand and come prepared with a few options you’d like to eat!

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.08 – Up your vitamin C intake!

As we begin to go back to mingling and engaging with society, we will be exposed to more people which means more germs. Since it’s been a while since we’ve all been socializing in-person, keep your immune system strong, and don’t forget to boost your immune system! Best foods for that would be– citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, green tea, and spinach!

.09 – Listen to your body

If there is one thing we’ve learned, it’s to really slow down and take care of ourselves when we start to feel sick. With that being said, if you feel sick stay home. No day out with friends or even workday is more important than your health. More importantly, remember that staying home and taking time to feel better prevents any chance of spreading any sickness to others.


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