12 Crochet Lace Wedding Dresses for The Bohemian Beauty

We love Pinterest just as much as your average girl, but admittedly it makes finding a unique wedding dress style that hasn’t been overdone nearly impossible. With gorgeous wedding dress pins and Instagram posts saturating our daily scroll, we have gone on a mission to find you a few incredibly unique crochet lace wedding dresses that are perfect for the bohemian beauty who refuses to be average.

Crochet Lace Wedding Dresses
Dress by Namaste & Crochet

Dress by Dame and Maiden

Dress from Love and Lace Bridal Salon, Photo by Silvius James

Dress by Edwardian Vintage

Dress by Oscar De La Renta

Photo by Brooke Borough, featured here

Dress by Dreamers & Lovers

Dress from Claire Pettibone

Dress from Daughters of Simone

Photo by Catherine Leanne, featured here

Dress by Jane Hill

Dress from Lovely Bride 

What one would you pick?

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