Burgundy Bohemian Wedding with Moody Elements

The bride and groom (who have been together for 10 years!!) weren’t afraid to go for it at their Texas wedding! They went with a moody theme for their burgundy bohemian wedding, and it turned out beautifully! We love all of the romantic details they included like tall candle holders filled with florals and a plush velvet lounge. Even the color palette couldn’t be more romantic! Below, the bride shares many more of the touching details they included on their big day that made it so special.

Bride, Jessica Duncan, shares…

We wanted the day to be relaxed and full of love with rich textures, colors, and moods surrounding us! We kept the guest count small with close friends and family. 100 people total including us. We both had family from far away coming in and knew that this would probably be the only time we would ever have all our family together, so we wanted to make sure the guest felt welcomed, and comfortable.

The wedding planning process was pretty seamless! We had been together since the age of 15, so 10 years before we got married ,and I contribute that to the ease of planning the wedding. We knew each other’s taste, style, and wants without much thinking. When choosing a venue, we both knew we wanted an outdoor wedding in our favorite city, Fort Worth Texas. When we came across Artspace 111 we knew right away. It is right in the heart of Downtown with an Industrial feel and oversize deck, strung lights, outdoor space, and gardens. It felt like a cozy backyard with an upscale feel.

The only thing I knew I wanted right away when it came to the florals was all the proteas possible! So, when I meet with Raquel from R Love Floral, we really played off the bight vibrant colors of the Proteas, succulents, and cactus! Once the florals were narrowed down, everything else just fell into place. We knew we wanted the ceremony space to feel cozy, and warm. We added Woven Kiliam rugs down the aisle. The big show stopper was the 12 foot handmade teepee my mother had made.

We choose a family style seating with two long tables seating 50 each. We ditched the stuffy head table and choose to stay close and cozy with friends and family, but still keep the assigned seating. We wanted to keep things simple but upscale. Throughout the wedding we included tradition elements, while still keeping it fun and casual. We added small details of gold with gold textured chargers, and vibrant green elements with green napkins. We also had 8 oversized Jan Barboglio brass candle holders filled with florals of all kinds. We lined the table full of different shaped, sizd, and textured vases throughout.

I think our favorite part of the day was when it came time to walk down the aisle – which I think is everyones favorite part of the day- but what made this so special to us is we had known what I was walking down the aisle to for almost 10 years. When we first started dating in high school, we both loved music, and old music. So for the past 10 years we had anticipated me walking down the aisle to Tom Petty, “Here Comes My Girl”. It was a pretty overwhelming, emotional, and unexpected element! My dad had no idea what song I was walking down to  so when the song started and I began to walk, my dad said “This isn’t the song your walking down the aisle?”. Overall, this was the most exciting moment from the day.

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