5 Styles for Brides with Short Hair

There are tons of hair styles for a brides’ big day, regardless of the length or amount of hair that she may have!  Many short hair brides are often concerned that a look they desire may not be able to be executed due to their hair type, length, color, etc. The ladies from Jennie Kay Beauty put together 5 simple hairstyles for you brides with short hair! These short hair styles allow for some major earring bling too! We love the sparkly studs, silver hoops, and gorgeous drop earring styles shown!

Make sure to also keep these 5 ideas in mind when seeking a wedding day hairstyle:

1. Schedule a trial with a stylist before your wedding. It provides you an opportunity to consult with your stylist and figure out what looks best on you. It also gives you peace of mind and reference for your big day. Trials should be done a few weeks or months before the wedding so that your vision is more set in stone and you are less likely to second guess or go back and forth with decision making.

2. When choosing photographs to bring to your trial or to have your stylist perform on your big day, choose images of models with similar haircolors and skin tones as you. Often times brides bring in photographs of blonde models, because well, the hair looks amazing. Blonde hair allows you to view depth and dimension within the hair and it photographs quite well, however, it is 98% likely that the hairstyle you’ve chosen will not look the same on you as it does on her

3. With this being said, they often suggest to brides that they add some highlights before their wedding because it provides dimension within the hairstyle and photographs nicely.

4. Consult with your stylist regarding extensions. Extensions not only add length if desired, but they add thickness and make the hair easier to work with, especially if you have very fine or short hair.Short hairstyles can be simple or complex, and with the proper experience, tools and products, your stylist can generally execute that look that you have in mind. Also, when seeking a particular style, be sure that it looks good on you – your face, your bone structure, your style, etc. This is very important, as a style that looks great on someone with a narrow face, may need to be tweaked and perfected to custom fit you on your wedding day!

Hair & Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty
Gowns: Andria Bird Bride
Hair Accessories: Preston & Olivia
Photographer: Erin McGinn Photography


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