Ways to Dress Up Your Favorite Tee with Lush to Blush

If your t-shirt drawers are anything like ours, they’re stuffed to the brim, and yet we can’t ever seem to have enough! Whether they are soft, solid, or scripted with cutesy sayings, our fave closet staple is anything but basic. Megan Elliot from Lush to Blush is showing us how we can get away with wearing our favorite tee every day in her super cute “You are the Coco to my Chanel” version.

Tell us a little bit about how Lust to Blush got started!

I started Lush to Blush after a magazine I was writing for folded. I missed writing every day. I was at my best friend’s house when I got the news and she immediately had the genius idea of me starting a blog. It just made sense. So I ran with it and bought a domain that day.

What style would you consider yourself?

I’m not sure if I fall into any one category. I always have trouble defining my style. I like to think of my looks as fresh, clean and classic, but I also definitely have fun with it.

How to Dress Up Your Favorite Tee How to Dress Up Your Favorite Tee

 Michael Kors Satchel, Black Skirt

Did you ever go through a stage of experimenting with something different?

I experiment all the time. Sometimes I go boho, other times edgy, and so on. I think it’s important to play with fashion. Not only is it fun, but it’s a great way to express how you’re feeling.  T-Shirts are the quintessential grab-and-go item.

How can you rock the casual look without looking sloppy?

I think the key to never looking sloppy–no matter what you’re wearing–is to always have your hair and makeup done. If you take the time to take care of the beauty aspect of a look, you can get away with almost anything.

How to Dress Up Your Favorite Tee How to Dress Up Your Favorite Tee

Panama Hat, Boyfriend Jeans (similar), Peep-toe shoes (similar), Leather Tote

How can you dress up a t-shirt for a night out?

There are tons of fun ways to dress up a tee, but I think for a night out, my favorite would have to be to tuck it into a fun skirt. If you’re edgy, go with a leather mini & stilettos; if you’re a girly girl, throw on a tutu and pointed heels; if you’re boho, pair it with a maxi and strappy sandals.

How to Dress Up Your Favorite TeeHow to Dress Up Your Favorite Tee How to Dress Up Your Favorite Tee

What are your rules when it comes to buying a tee as far as fit, fabric, and style goes?

Well I don’t really have any rules when it comes to fashion, but my favorite tees are high quality fabrics, loose-fitting, and solid. I love just throwing on a tee, skinny jeans and some booties for a quick day running errands. It’s so simple, easy and comfortable, but not boring.

Beauty Secret: Highlighter. I’m obsessed.

Worst Fashion Mistake You’ve Made: I was obsessed with those GAP hoodies in middle school. So not chic.

Favorite trend right now: point toe heels. LOVE!

Celebrity you would swap closets with: Olivia Palermo

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received? Less is more.


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  1. Great ways to style your favorite tee! It is fun to experiment different looks.

  2. omg, i’m such a t-shirt girl. and it’s gotten tot he point where I feel like people don’t think i’m trying, but I really just LOVE t-shirts. this is so perfect!!

  3. Where is the tutu skirt from? I clicked the link, but it is taking me to piper lime boyfriend jeans! I’d love a link! 😉

  4. So sorry about that! We fixed the link, and found the most similar option! We love it too!

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