The Best Spring Nail Polish Shades

We have to admit, there are a few staple nail polishes that can be hard to stray away from at times (we’re looking at you ‘Bubble Bath’, and ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’) but as much as we love our basics, we also love a good nail polish trend straight from the runway. So, we’re here to fill you in on all the of-the-movement styles and best spring nail polish shades. Paint on one of these and you’ll be feeling fresh from your hands to your toes! Then, slip into some spring sandals and you’re good to go! 


Best Spring Nail Polish Shades

Gilded nails were seen on almost every runway this Spring, and we have to say we are a fan! Ask for the ‘chrome’ polishes at the salon for the most galactic take on this trend!

Rosy Peach

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This color comes off almost nude with just the perfect hint of color. It’s not only for your nails – this shade is one of spring’s favorites for fashion too!

Fancy French Tips

Best Spring Nail Polish Shades

A classic twist on the old school french manicure, we’re all about adding a futuristic twist!

Glossy Gray

Best Spring Nail Polish Shades

The perfect shade for those that still like to keep it a bit natural.

Muted Moss

Best Spring Nail Polish Shades

This almost-neutral shade of green will be at the top of our list this spring!

Pastel Amethyst

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They say pastel purple is the perfect nail polish shade for journeys of self-discovery, so count us in!

What’s your favorite? 

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