Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Party

The only thing cuter than this Little Red Riding Hood party is the birthday girl herself! We wish we were turning 4 so we could have attended (and frolicked in the forest!) with them! The Little Red Riding Hood theme was complete with a setting in the woods and an enactment of the fairytale starring the birthday girl in her little red cape. All the details from the mushroom capped log seats and the character themed treats to the thank you baskets, all designed by Tamara Menges, make the story come to life! The Leigh Makes Designs invitations are too cute and the photography by Koby & Terilyn from Archetype captured the party and the joy of birthday girl, Keira, perfectly (We are obsessing over the tiny tot carrying those big red balloons through the trees!). Find yourself inspired to mimic this party for your little one, or encouraged to reread the classic fairytale!

From Keira’s creative mom…

Keira’s favorite color is RED… She loves red cars, red clothes, red shoes, even red food when given the choice. I wanted something fun and interactive for her party – 4 is such a great age for games and dress up, and the theme of Little Red Riding Hood provided great opportunities for interaction… And the color RED!



Photography: Koby & Terilyn Brown of Archetype
Designer & Stylist: Tamara Menges
Stationery: Leigh Anne Spencer Owner/Designer at Leigh Makes Designs


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  1. This is adorable! I really hope I’m this creative when I have kids, everything is too cute!

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