Kids DIY: Egg Carton Invitation

We marvel at the creativity of some of the kids’ birthday parties out there – fun themes and even more fun activities – and now even the invitations are taking things to the next level! The gals over at A Joyful Riot whipped up this egg carton invitation perfect for your kid’s birthday party! The invitations are exciting for your kids to make and even more exciting for all their friends to receive – who wouldn’t want to attend a birthday party when invited personally with candy and balloons?! They double as a great party favor idea as well! See more of this super cute Kids DIY here!


What You Need:

  • Paper pulp egg cartons
  • Acrylic paints
  • Invitation Printables
  • Carton fillings:
    -water balloons
    -party poppers
    -party blowouts
  • Balloons
  • Glue Stick





1.Use acrylic paints in your desired colors to paint your empty cartons. I did two coats on each but you may need more if you’re using a lighter color of paint.



2. Once your paint is dry you can glue your invitation on. The colorful invitations on my cartons are available to download here. I’ve left the inside blank so you can write in your details or open it in a photo-editing program and add the text there. Cut it to fit on the top of your carton and use a glue stick to adhere.



3. Fill your cartons with goodies! Confetti, candy and little toys are perfect.



4. Fill matching balloons with helium and use paint markers to write the invitee’s names on the balloons. Tie the balloons to your cartons by slipping the ribbon through the holes on the top of the carton.



5. Now your invites are ready to be dropped off at all your friend’s homes! Leave them by the door or mailbox and allow your friends to be utterly delighted upon finding it!



This idea could easily be used for party favors as well. Just create new prints to adhere thanking your guests for attending and then fill with appropriate gifts! You could also use this as a clever way to give a gift. Such a fun way to re-use a common item and so customizable to match your event or style.




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