Cute and Colorful Bathroom Decor

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Coming across whimsical bathroom decor is practically a daily occurrence – whether it be in cheeky restaurants, guest rooms, or, yes, our very own Inspired By This space. Pictures, quotes, and knick-knacks make bathrooms a better place to be. We have the cutest people-figure wall vases in our bathroom that hold bright pink peonies and create a fun accent wall in the space. But…. do you ever feel sorry for the objects that have to hangout in the bathroom all the time? Quilted Northern had this thought – we get to say our peace with the bathroom (thanks to their luxurious toilet paper) while our little figurines have to dwell there all day long. Poor little objects.

Whimsical Bathroom Decor

Quilted Northern knows that bathroom decor can be a little eccentric and filled with ill-fated bathroom objects such as toys left behind, wallpaper adorned with birds, or animal figures, so they have created a comical short series of TV spots, called #HelpMeForget, that highlight the predicaments bathroom objects -like our cute little vases- witness. The brand gives these objects a bit of personality as they make their home in a frequented place – we’re sure you’ve seen some of the curious commercials but you’ll want to watch the rest of them on the Quilted Northern YouTube page, and check them out on Facebook too! These Designed to be Forgotten videos, such as “Daddy Gator,” and “Great Grandpa Thaddeus” are directed by renowned Director and Academy Award Nominee, Bennett Miller. “Little Miss Puffytail” is about a little porcelain rabbit that makes her home on the bathroom sink. “Sir Froggy” tells the story of a frog that serves as the toilet paper holder and “sees all.” These characters gave us a good laugh – if you haven’t seen them on TV, you should definitely check them out. We don’t think we’ll ever look at our ill-fated boys & girls on the wall the same!

Whimsical Bathroom Decor

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