A Bright Spring Bagel Brunch + Recipes

If the words ‘bagel brunch’ send you into an immediate drool fest, you can understand exactly how we felt when seeing this bright & fun spring bagel brunch from Beijos Events! We advise having a bagel, or mimosa, or some delectable treat in hand when scrolling through these mouth watering photos. But really, we need one of these bacon bagels stat! OK, OK, more about the food later. This brunch is also beautiful! Vibrant flowers and tinted goblets match the colorful spread. Heck, even the mint & pink tableware is fun! The ladies at Beijos Events share their tips for pulling off a decadent spring brunch of your own in addition to 3 of those coveted bagel recipes thanks to Colette’s Catering.


Tips for hosting a spring brunch…

1. Play with color –
It’s Spring, flowers are blooming and color is bursting everywhere!  This is the time to have fun and get creative with color. Forget neutrals, you can play with pops of color from the table to the flowers or even the food and drinks!

2. Use fresh seasonal ingredients –
One of our favorite things about cooking during Spring and Summer are all of the delicious fruits and veggies that are in season.  Cooking for guests this time of year can be fun and festive by visiting your local Farmer’s Market to get inspiration.  Plus, guests will love the idea and appreciate the color and freshness of what you serve.

3. Bring in the outside –
Like we said, the flowers are blooming and some of our favorites do so during Spring.  Especially with the super bloom happening right now in California, there are so many flowers right outside your door! Make beautiful arrangements with seasonal florals. It doesn’t matter if you buy them at the store or pick them outside, just adding color and life to your table makes a statement.


Recipe: “Nueske Bacon” Bagel

Bacon – Maple syrup , chopped toasted pecans , black pepper. Bake in oven.
Topping – thin layer of whipped cream cheese

Recipe: “Under Pressure” Bagel

1 sous vide egg cooked at 75 C for 15 minutes
fresh cracked pepper
heirloom tomatoes

Recipe: “Beet Hummus” Bagel

Hummus – roasted beets , chick peas, cream cheese, salt, pepper, lemon, tahini, garlic
Topping – roasted beets & strawberry slices

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