6 of Our Editor’s Favorite Small Businesses

Whether you’re redesigning your wardrobe, redecorating your home, or even just needing a gift for someone you love, finding the right store can be difficult. On the blog today we’ve listed out our editor’s favorite small businesses. These finds include decor, jewelry, clothes, stationery, herbs, and more. The best part? All of these small businesses have online stores. Get ready to shop away!

01. Apothekary Co

Image via @Apothekary

“Welcome to Mother Nature’s Farmacy.” Apothekary Co is the world’s first plant-based pharmacy that gets to the root cause of health issues and doesn’t just treat the symptom. Their goal is to keep toxins out, not bring them in, and they believe that through their plant-based medicine they have the ability to unite the mind, body, and soul into balance.

02. All Things Lily Ann

Image via @allthingslilyann

All Things Lily Ann is a small hand-lettering business, based in Austin, TX! These adorably fun stationery sets, stickers, sweatshirts, and prints are all hand-lettered by the talented Lilly Ann. So, if you’re into retro, fun, and a bubbly style, this is the place for you.

03. The Little Traveler

Located in Geneva, IL, The Little Traveler is a one-of-a-kind gift shop.

Still locally owned and operated, the shop has thirty-six rooms of treasures. Additionally, you’ll be greeted by a caring staff and the never-ending array of items brought back by the modern-day little travelers that will amaze you.

04. Cocoon

Located in Geneva, IL Cocoon is a two-story gift shop with whimsical and intricate finds. So, stroll through the front door and see the incredible size and depth of Cocoon — it’s an immeasurable dose of shopping therapy.

05. Citrus & Moss

Located in Temecula, California, Citrus and Moss is a boutique that promotes a sense of community and is designed to give you a personal shopping destination. Additionally, it is a neighborhood boutique, welcoming you back with each visit. So, here you can find beautiful jewelry, unique home decor, and all the little trinkets you never even knew you needed!

06. lojewels

Image via @lojewels

lojewels is a boutique in Fort Worth, TX, that the Godby sisters created! Here you’ll find scarf tops, bubbly print ads, and stunning jewelry. It’s a great find if you’re looking for timeless pieces that will still make a statement.

No matter what it is you’re looking for, chances are there’s a small business that can help! Plus, it’s always great to show appreciation for small businesses. Since owners put so much passion into what they do.

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