7 businesses to support that are environmentally sustainable

When it comes to our shopping needs, there is never a bad time to bring in some new players. For all we know, our next favorite stores haven’t been discovered yet. One way this journey has changed is making an effort to actively seek out businesses that are practicing sustainable habits and providing natural products. Finding ways as small as trying new online stores to help the environment is something we know we can bring more of into our lives. What we have found is there is so much out there we were missing! Who knew our mattresses could even be sustainable?! Part of the hassle we all know is finding places where those practices are truly imbedded in the core of the company’s foundation. Well…we have already conquered that part for you!

As we went on the search for compiling our favorite environmentally sustainable businesses, we were so excited by what we found. From tiling a new home to finding a new shampoo that won’t add more harm to our bleach blonde hair, the list is never ending for finding ways to bring these companies into our homes. We’re all spending a lot of time online shopping these days, so if we can do even a little part to positively impact the environment as well…we want to. It makes it even that much easier to hit the “buy now” button in the checkout of another new workout set added to our wardrobe. With this many already in our ranks, we can’t wait to find even more opportunities at other businesses as well.   



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Girlfriend Collective


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Love Beauty & Planet 

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Bee’s Wrap 

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by Humankind 

The great thing about each and every one of these…do you see that variety?! With that many product options we might have to go and check them all out again for ourselves. It is one thing to shop sustainably. It is another thing to really love what you are buying. With each of these you are getting both of those things. While we will be scrolling through the pages for a new bag to bring to the farmer’s market, maybe you’ll be finding your new favorite product for 2021. There is so much out there to sustainably bring into your life, hopefully one of these amazing businesses will be able to give you that opportunity. We know they did it for us.  

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