5 Easy to Create Indoor Herb Gardens

Now that spring is almost upon us, it’s the season for growing things! And if you’re like us, freshening up your home. Combine the two by taking on a doable DIY project and make one of these easy to create indoor herb gardens! They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also great for storing herbs in your kitchen for easy access. Haven’t you always wanted to have all the mint, parsley, or cilantro you needed on hand instead of running out to the grocery store for that one ingredient?! Ya, us too. So, when it comes to crafting an herb garden in our kitchen, you can count us in! Here is some inspiration to get you going…

Build It

via Home Steading

If you’re handy with a circle saw, this is the herb garden for you! After a little trip to Home Depot you’ll be up and running. All you need is a few wood planks, terracotta pots, and rope.

Buy It

via Food52

This super cute herb kit comes with everything you need- herbs included! But you still get that DIY element when you set it up and watch them grow! This is also probably the best option if you’re tight on space!

Hang It

via The Bird and her Song

If your kitchen has a bright window that needs a little interest (it doesn’t have to be right above your sink), this hanging herb garden would look great in it. For this DIY, you can pick your color pot and paints and really make it cohesive with your decor.

Hook It

via Domestically Speaking

How cool and easy are these mason jar herb containers?! These can go anywhere you have space to hang a hook, from the wall to the side of the cabinet, and are also super inexpensive as all you need are the mason jars and herbs.

Ikea Hack It

via Ikea

If you are as big of fans of Ikea/mid-century modern decor as we are, you’ll love this easy herb garden. Simply pick up these hanging fixtures, hook them together, hang it where it will get some good light, and place potted herbs inside. Voila!

Which one will you DIY? 

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