10 Creative New Year’s Eve Party Themes

The holiday season is a time when a new event appears right after the last. The burnout is real, but the creativity does not have to be. The last day of the year is the final step towards a seemingly new beginning. We like to leave the old with a BANG! That being said, everyone needs the perfect New Year’s Eve party theme. Whether you’re looking for a low-key way to say goodbye to 2021 , or a night you’ll never forget out on the town, we have the theme for you. Read on to find out the 10 New Year’s Eve party themes that have captured our attention this year!

Image via @hydehousepublicstudio

1. The Roaring Twenties

We know the 2020’s have not started off as expected. However, the entire decade leaves the chance to get your Gatsby on. With flapper dresses and wigs, there is no stopping how extravagant the event can be. Take the next few days to refresh yourself on some history and make it a night that no guest would ever forget.

2. Champagne Problems

There was going to be a Taylor Swift reference in here somewhere. No one imagines New Year’s Eve without tremendous amounts of champagne. Give it the title it really deserves. Whether you take it in the direction of self reflection or a chance to top some bottles, this theme won’t let you down. You even already have the first song for the playlist.

3. Masquerade

What better way to end the year than completely hiding your identity? Masquerade parties are a chance to live your best life away from any judgement. Get your closes friends and loved ones to play dress up for the night. Everyone loves a chance to step out of the normal day to day. Here is your chance!

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4. Decades To Celebrate

Back to the idea of dressing up…We know fashion this year is unbeatable but take the chance to experience that of the past too. Want to go a little 80’s? Here is your chance. You might even find some inspiration from your favorite childhood style icon. Every decade needs remembrance sometimes. This is your chance to find out what decade you truly belong in. You probably have already taken a Buzzfeed quiz to find that out though.

5. Wine Down The Year

Wind down and wine down this year. What better way to end the year than surrounded by your girls drinking the night away with a bottle of red…or white. You get to choose the wine, we just provide the themes. Take a seat on the comfiest couch available and get ready for that New Year’s Eve ball to drop. Maybe even add a charcuterie board for the perfect ending.

6. Midnight Brunch

We had never considered how groundbreaking a midnight brunch could be. Imagine it. Mimosas flowing. Pancakes cooking. Your favorite brunch foods being cooked up when the sun is down. Those late afternoon meals have been some of our most enjoyable this year. Why not make it the perfect ending to 2021?

Image via @thepicnic.collective

7. Rest & Relaxation Spa Night

Maybe the perfect ending to 2021 is spent in a much calmer way. Get your favorite spa day accessories and products together for the ideal night in. Not every New Year’s has to look the same. The most necessary plan for you may be one that slows down time for a while. Face masks. Hair rollers. Maybe even a personal pedicure. The options are endless to create the self-care send off of 2021.

8. Disco Cowboy Rodeo

Now, we have all seen disco and many of us have probably seen disco cowboy at this point. But look how fun this is?! You get to combine show-stopping neon with a cowboy hat. There is no better time to do that than a New Year’s Eve party. It can go in such unique ways that every guest will be able to showcase their personality.

Image via @daniellecarolan

9. It’s All Fun & Games

If you are anything like us, you love your time with those amazing drinking card games that exist now. For The Girls. What Do You Meme. Those are even just a few of the options that are on the market. Make the perfect game night and get everyone together to be laughing into the new year. Add a few festive drinks, and you’ll be making everyone on your feed wish they had done it too.

10. New Year, Same Beach

Having access to the beach in the middle of winter is definitely not for everyone. However, if you are one of the lucky few spending their last day of the year near the water, take advantage of it. Beach parties are the perfect way to get everyone in the mood to leave 2021 in their wake. Add in a bonfire for just a touch of flare. Your guests will always remember it…and so will you.

Image via @kitkeenan

With 10 New Year’s Eve party themes at your disposal, we are sure you will find one that fits your vibe. From disco cowboys to face mask heaven, there is no stopping the opportunities at hand. Looking for even more ways to get in the mood to celebrate the end of the year? Check out these 5 Ways To Make Your At-Home New Year Celebration Epic!