5 ways to make your at-home new year celebration epic

Alongside every other party & event of March 2020 onwards, we are still putting a hault on large gatherings & seeing new ways to enjoy our favorite holidays. For new years, we wanted to share 5 ways you can celebrate the end of this year epically at home:

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.01 – Dress the Part

Half the fun of NYE parties is the glam, so don’t let a stay-at-home order stop you from popping off! We found the most glamorous dresses over on Princess Polly, like this champagne dress!

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.02 – Go off with Glitter

Make this memorable with as much sparkle as possible— we’re talking confetti poppers galore. Buy a pack of poppers here!

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.03 – Take Film Pictures

Delay the gratification of receiving all your photos instantly, & shoot with film! This way, the photos feel more candid & there is something to look forward to into 2021.

.04 – Themed Charcuterie Board

We’re thinking a “2021” cheese board, which is our favorite way to ring in any new event. Find an easy NYE charcuterie board recipe here!

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.05 – Make a list of what you’re leaving in 2020

Order a Kraft Paper Roll & leave it somewhere like the kitchen. While you’re spending the night dancing and eating, write down whatever you want to leave in 2020 & what you want to start in 2021; from the small things to the big things.

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