DIY Basket Hanging Light

Here’s the DIY you can do in 5 minutes with the things you have just laying around your house. Yes, it’s true! Grab a wire wastebasket and make this basket hanging light! Everyone could use a little more brightness somewhere in their home, and this is an easy way to achieve it! No hassel, no mess, just a simple cut and string and you’re all set. Did we mention how inexpensive it is? This lamp alternative will bring light to your space at a fraction of the cost and still look good! Don’t believe us just watch! And see more on Momtastic!


What You Need

Wire wastebasket
Wire cutters
Light bulb
Light bulb cord

DIY Basket Hanging Light


1. Use the wire cutters to cut a hole in bottom of the wastebasket. Make sure the hole is not too big, so the lip of the cord won’t slip through it.

DIY Basket Hanging Light

2. String the cord from the inside of the wastebasket through the hole.


DIY Basket Hanging Light DIY Basket Hanging Light

3. Screw the light bulb into the cord.


DIY Basket Hanging LightDIY Basket Hanging Light

4. Pick where you want your lamp, hang it, and light up the room!


DIY Basket Hanging Light

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  1. Wait I love this! I always see cute wastebaskets and wish they weren’t just for trash! LOL

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