An Inside Look at Urban Palate Catering

Today on our business blog we are reminiscing on the delectable dishes Urban Palate prepared for us at their downtown, L.A. studio! The next best thing to actually tasting these goodies is getting to explore the uber cool space, Geoffrey Bernstein and executive chef Jonathan Bailey use to inspire them! This duo beams with pride over their innovative recipes and rightfully so! What did we try?? Glad you asked! Pumpkin gnocchi, rosemary maple chicken, pork belly brussels topped with crispy shallots, and basil pomegranate lemonade made up our outstanding meal – and apple cinnamon bread pudding with housemade bourbon ice cream topped with thyme finished us off. We’re not kidding. Here’s some insight into the talented team that left our taste buds tied up and speechless!


What does a typical work day look like for you?

GB: Managing daily production + business matters, reviewing menus for prospective clients, r&d on new menu items (tough gig, I know :), overseeing all marketing + social media efforts.

JB: Designing menus, managing our kitchen staff, cooking.

Tasting Urban PalateTasting Urban Palate

What is your favorite part of your job?

GB: A satisfied and ecstatic client. Also, seeing our people grow with their respective jobs and get true satisfaction from their successes.

JB: Orchestrating the most complicated of menus and weddings to perfection.

Tasting Urban PalateTasting Urban PalateTasting Urban Palate Tasting Urban Palate

We’re always stunned by all the creative dishes you make! Where do you find daily inspiration for new recipes?

JB: I have a large antique cookbook collection and try to stay abreast of what’s going on in the culinary community. I always find that breathing new life into old classics is exciting.

Tasting Urban PalateTasting Urban PalateTasting Urban PalateTasting Urban Palate

Best business advice you’ve ever received?

GB: To respect and appreciate the skills of all people that you work with.


We love your tasting room! How did you come up with all of the design elements?

GB: It has been an evolving process. Much of the artwork comes from my travels, family artifacts, and people that we have worked with over the years. I really think it is more personal and fun to showcase our friends’ creativity.

Tasting Urban Palate

What you wanted to be when you grew up:

GB: International Soccer Star
JB: Rock Star


Favorite Food:

GB: Noodles of any variety
JB: Double Bacon Cheeseburger w Crispy Fries + Mayo

Tasting Urban PalateTasting Urban Palate

Secret talent:

GB: Karaoke performing (singing, not so much)
JB: Karaoke singing

Tasting Urban Palate

I can’t live without:

GB: My bicycle and a great playlist
JB: My sous chef (who also happens to be my wife 🙂


Tasting Urban Palate

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  1. Impeccable and flawless taste. I’d so like to be part of the R+D team!!! Truly hope to work with you guys one day at one of my bride’s weddings. 🙂

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