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I’ve worked with Jessica Claire Photography on my LA bridal shower and my church wedding, so when I say she’s amazing I’m speaking from experience! She’s a joy to be around and her images always capture the moment perfectly. Here’s a little from Jessica about how she got into photography and how she got to where she is today:

I got into photography in college, when I was working at a part time job making accounts receivable calls (that’s corporate-speak for calling people who didn’t pay their bills on time!), and thinking, “Is this what my life is going to look like?”.  My father told me that what my life looks like would be up to me, and that I should find something I love doing and figure out a way to make it pay the bills.  So I emailed a few photographers in my area and offered to work for free on the weekends, thinking that maybe I could learn to use my camera, or at least help someone else use theirs!

The studio who took me up on my offer lost its office manager right around that time, so I accepted the position, spending my days designing albums, sorting through negatives, and ordering prints.  I became an associate photographer for that studio, a position I held for four years, and then started my own business once I graduated from college.  Shortly after that I decided (mostly on a whim) that I should move to California, and I haven’t looked back!  Now that I’ve been a photographer for over ten years, I can truly say that I am in love with what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I also enjoy sharing knowledge with other photographers, and helping others to find ways to make their lives the way they envision them to be!  I feel very blessed to be in an industry where people are sharing and open, and just all around inspiring.  I’m so excited to be featured on Inspired by This today!

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Thanks Jessica!

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  1. I looked at Jessica when searching for photogs, but she was out of my price range. Too bad because I LOVE her work!!

  2. I love Jessica Claire’s style… so simple and fresh. And everyone always looks good in her pics 🙂

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