What to search to find cute GIFs on Instagram

You know what’s really hard? Being in the moment when you are spending quality time with loved ones. You know what makes it even harder? When you’re doing something cute with them (obviously), and you’re trying to post an equally cute Instagram story while still staying in the moment. So what normally happens? You either A.) Save the content and try to remember to post later (and usually forget), or B.) You throw on a cute GIF, add a tag and call it a day. We all do it.

However, it really can be so hard to find a good GIF. Don’t believe us? Search “fitness” the next time you’re trying to post a workout-of-the-day story. A ton of great options there are not. Thankfully, we did the hard work for you. We tirelessly scoured and found the best GIFs the ‘gram has to offer. So, here’s what to search to find cute GIFs on Instagram!

.01 – “inspiredbythis”

You know you know we are going to start this off with a personal plug. Whether referencing our incredible team, attending one of our fantastic events (we are into unapologetic self-confidence in this season) or even are just feeling inspired by something, we have great gifs awaiting right at your fingertips!

.02 –  “vipapier”

We may not all be able to agree whether it’s pronounced “gif” or “jiff,” but we can all definitely agree that these GIFs are adorable! From the script to the colors, we couldn’t help but “enjoy!”

.03 – “ilustralle”

If you enjoy a nice romantic novel or dream of frolicking in a field of flowers, this is the GIF set for you! They’re whimsical and fashionable and are giving us some major hat inspiration!

.04 – “gladdest”

All things bubbly and cute seem to make an appearance in this GIF set. The “Good Morning” gif is perfect for that a.m. cup of coffee! The balloons are made for the next birthday dinner you’re at! The stars? The stars are good for absolutely anything and everything! Make it rain stars!

.05 – “malenaflores”

For the bakers, the thinkers, the readers, and the bloggers find cute GIFs on Instagram with a quick search of “malenaflores.” We didn’t even realize that a mixer could be made to look so sassy, but you best believe that the next time we make a batch of cookies, we will be using that GIF!

.06  – “mikyla”

If your Instagram story just needs a little extra something, then this is perfect for you! We love how simple these gifs are while still being so chic! Pro tip: place a couple of the color splotches on top of one another to take really kick your content up a notch!

.07  – “the uncommon place”

Name an instant where you post an Instagram story and that “good times” GIF isn’t relevant? No? We can’t either! From the polaroid of constellations to the cute little leaves, you better believe these GIFs will be making an appearance in feeds coming near you soon!

.08  – “tape”

Bet you didn’t think searching “tape” would make you find cute GIFs on Instagram, but prepare to be amazed! If you are into shrinking your photo size on your stories, add a few tape stickers to “keep them up,” and your artsy levels just skyrocketed! Don’t forget that Polaroid filter!

So go try out all your new GIF ideas in your Instagram stories, and don’t forget to tag us @inspiredbythis! If you’re still looking for some Insta inspo, check out this article on our favorite apps for creating stories, or this article on where to get the most Instagrammable pictures during dinner!

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