How To Book Your Ideal Client

How do you crack the code to booking your ideal client? I get asked this question consistently from all my consulting clients. Everyone wants to know how they can book the right kind of customer that not only inspires them, but also creates growth for their business.


I have found that it all starts with the messaging you are putting out online about you and your company.
What is the perception of your business as it stands? How do potential customers view you? They are looking at the way you communicate in email, on social media and your blog, and through your press features. What are you doing to be sure that you are portraying the type of message you want your ideal client to know? Follow some of my advice below and let’s get you refocused and on the right track!


Here are 5 tips to consider when building your brand equity and attracting the right client for you.


1) Website Presence: Assess what your current website looks like. If they find your product or an image you helped design on pinterest and it links back to your website, will they find an out of date site? Or will they find a site that’s viewable on mobile devices, has images from recent events, and up-to date blog posts and press page? Keep in mind if you aren’t spending the time and money to keep your self current and new, then why should a client who has money to spend think about spending it with you? Take the time to find the right web designer for you. Don’t just throw up a template based website for $150 and expect to book clients that will pay you $15,000.


2) Email Communication: Often times the first point of contact you will have with a potential client (either a customer or a vendor who may refer you) is via email. How timely is your response? And what type of tone are you conveying? You can read more on my email do’s and don’ts here. If you don’t email someone back within 24 to 48 hours when you are being sent an inquiry, an invite, or a referral, you are sending the message that you don’t care. Not only does this hurt your credibility for bookings, but it also is a message that gets passed around to others. Soon other potential clients and referrals will know that you can’t be relied upon. Do you want to book the type of client that pays you well and treats you well? Treat them well and you will see your business grow overnight.


3) Social Media Footprint: I’ve said it before in my post on using social media to grow your business (and I’ll say it again!) It can pay to take the time to invest in your online social footprint. For some companies Pinterest is where they should be spending time, resources, and ad dollars. For others it will be Instagram. Putting images of your work on these platforms can act as a micro portfolio of what it is you sell or make. If you aren’t very active, don’t expect to have a very active customer base. And if you tend to showcase  more personal photos on an account that should be profiling your business, this isn’t going to continue to get you the client that wants to hire you and refer you.


4) Spend Money to Make Money: It takes an investment in yourself and your business to be able to take your company to the next level. Don’t skimp by with a  DIY state of mind. If you want champagne and caviar for clients, don’t show work that is more inline with canned goods from the dollar store. You need to spend money on your marketing efforts and branding in ways that will attract the client who wants to pay and is looking to hire YOU because of your taste and reputation.


5) Don’t Target Everyone: You need to identify who it is you want to work with. What does that ideal client look like to you? What price point are they paying? Once you can narrow this list down, you can start to put a plan in place to go after them. Which means it’s time to market to what they like online and on social media. If you need help putting together your plan you can always reach out as we are happy to help create a plan just for you.


Follow some of this advice and let’s get you refocused and on the right track!For more tips like these and to learn how to take your business to the next level, reach out about my business consulting program.  Can’t wait to connect with you! XO, Leila


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  1. Thank you! So helpful to all of us new business owners trying to figure things out 🙂 always love your tips!

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