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Apr 21, 2014

5 Email Do’s and Dont’s That Can Make or Break Relationships

Business cards used to be the first impression of an individual and their work. You would go to a networking event and hand out your card.  Now the new first impression is based on your social media postings and the very first email you send to someone.  An email can make or break a potential opportunity for you, so send and respond to them wisely!

Follow these 5 simple tips on the do’s and don’ts of email correspondence and you will have a higher chance at getting the response that you want!

1.  Say My name, Say my name

Always address the person by name that you are emailing. I get multiple emails a day from media, pr firms, intern applicants that address me with just a Hi- or even Sir/Madame. Really? Look it up- I’m a female! If you can’t find the name, then don’t email.

2. Auto Replies can do more damage then good

Most people have their auto replies on more then not. People will start to think that you aren’t in business. There’s a time and place for an auto-reply- when you’re traveling out of the country, on your honeymoon, or absolutely not reachable for the day. No need to have an auto-reply always on stating you’ll be in touch soon. You can write them back yourself to say you are out but will be in touch if you’re worried about timing.

3. Punctuation can make or break the opportunity

Nothing is worse when you receive an email and it feels cold! An email has to relay the sentiment you are trying to get across in order to build a relationship and get what you want most from the recipient. Therefore, period after period after period, after period-will come off serious. If that is not your intent, think about adding in a few exclamations to change the tone of what you are trying to say and make the recipient feel more comfortable!

4. Don’t take your sweet time to respond

It’s rude when you don’t reply to someone beyond 48 hours. It sends a message that their email isn’t important! Carve out an hour of your day to maintain incoming emails. If an email requires a lengthy response that you don’t have time for, write the person back to let them know you’ve received their email and will be in touch. An overdue email response can be a lost opportunity! The sender loses trust which can compromise the relationship.

5. If it’s private don’t put it in an email

You never know who will see that email! It can accidentally be sent to someone else and you would never want something documented that could come back to bite you down the road.

We all have different approaches to how we communicate and correspond with others. Be cognizant of how your email is potentially being received and how and when you choose to respond!

  • Brittany Wendorff

    Thanks for the great tips!!!

  • Leila Lewis

    I feel so strongly about this! Emails are game changers- loved writing this one!

  • Jen

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    xo, jen

  • Angel Swanson

    Great tips for everyone in any business. xoxo

  • Ally Streelman

    These are truly helpful, Thank you!

  • Bridechilla™

    Great tips! Thank you!!

  • Paul Tripme

    Great tips, totally agree on the punctuation – it can make all the difference!

    • Exactly! Love your exclamation mark 😉

      • Paul Tripme

        Haha, glad you noticed..


  • Meagan

    All of this is so so true!

  • Marissa

    yikes… totally guilty of these.
    I mean – totally guilty of these!!

  • Grammar lady

    You will also make a better impression if you know the difference between “then” and “than”. You misused “then” twice in point #2.

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