Office Must Haves We’re Currently Loving

We are always updating our office and looking for either new decor or savvy tech to make our lives easier. So, we thought we would share some of the office must haves we’re currently loving! From fun accessories to products that are transforming the way we work, you will love these office essentials.

1. Stand Desk
We jumped on the standing desk train! And boy! Are we happy about it! We love the Stand Desk in particular for many reasons; 1. It fits in perfectly with our clean white aesthetic and is ultra minimalist – perfect for any fans of Scandinavian decor! 2. Because it’s über easy to use. Move it up and down with the touch of a button. 3. It gives us a much needed break from sitting all day. Swapping your chair out for, well.. your legs, is exactly what your body needs. Finally, we’re giving one of these awesome desks away via Instagram today! Enter away!

2. Lightbox
How fun is this cinema lightbox?! We have had our eye on one of these for a while and finally have one up in our office! We love all the fun sayings people come up with, but right now ours is purely complimentary ;). We like the way you work it!

3. Oils & Diffuser
We’ve mentioned essential oils before, but having a set and diffuser for the office has really been a life (or lives) saver! Diffuse citrus oils to bring about a burst of productivity or cold busting oils when someone’s feeling stuffy.

4. Exercise Ball
The BabyBump is a dual purpose office essential. Our office mamas love to use it with their babies, to bounce on and feed or entertain them. The rest of us, love to sit on it in leu of an office chair to work our core and improve our posture. Win win! The great thing about this exercise ball (only sold on Amazon) is its ‘feet’ that help it remain stationery so you aren’t rolling around while you’re working ;).

We are always looking for fun & useful new things to keep around our office. What are your favorites?

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