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Jan 01, 2020

Intentions We are Setting for the New Year

Okay, so it’s that time of year again! You are most likely in one of two boats. You are either A.) Feeling refreshed and energized and ready to tackle those resolutions, or B.) You are already over resolutions and you’re definitely maybe hungover. So, we decided to put something out that appeals to both types of people. We get that resolutions have become a smidgen cliche and often grow to be neglected, but also know the importance of starting the year with priorities and direction. It may not be “New decade, new us,” but there are a few intentions we are setting to keep our vision 2020 (sorry we had to).

Image by Carmen Santorelli

Get Flexible

While we definitely may try to book an extra yoga class or two, we are primarily going to focus on stretching ourselves a bit more mentally. A new year brings new things, and more than likely, we won’t be abler to control a majority of those things. Therefore, we are going to have to stretch our sanities at times and learn to go with the flow. Major traffic jam the morning of that important meeting? Namastay cool, you will get there when you get there. Having to relocate? It’s okay, ohhhhm is where you make it. Starbucks ran out of almond milk? Riot.

Rise, Shine, Thrive

When it gets dark at like basically noon, you’ve got to make those daylight hours count. That’s why one of the intentions we are setting is to spend as much time with the sweet sun that we’ve got and use our mornings wisely. While that can mean a variety of things, for us it means laying off the snooze button a bit, chugging a glass of water before our morning brew and not getting sucked into the black hole that is our phones the moment our eyes open. In order to start the day off on the right note, we will be starting our day off listing things we are grateful for, which reminds us…

Image by  Jen Dillinder Photography, Featured here.

When in Doubt, Reach Out

You know that shiny, sparkling feeling you get when someone you haven’t spoken to in a while checks in to see how you are doing or asks if you want to hang out? Well, we are trying to be the Oprah of that feeling in 2020. You get a coffee date! You get a handwritten note! You get a heartfelt text! When you cultivate the friendships in your life, you’ll find yourself growing as a result.

The Haves, Not the Have-Nots

There is no shame in going into 2020 hoping for bigger and brighter things, it isn’t a bad idea to reflect on how much we have. We are trying to reshape our mindsets to focus on all that we do have. Not only will this, in turn, make us happier, but we are also utilizing it as a money-saving strategy. We have a pantry full of food; we don’t need to eat out! We have a closet full of clothes; we don’t need another fuzzy sweatshirt! By creating a mindset of gratitude, it doesn’t create an attitude of depravity, but instead a celebration of how fortunate we are!

Image by Hello Fashion Blog

Get excited!

This is especially for all of my people rolling their eyes at the thought of resolutions (and let us remind you, these are intentions we are setting, which is definitely totally different).  You cannot control so many parts of your life, but you are almost always in control of your attitude (we all have those moments where we are maybe a bit out of control). That’s why it’s so much more fun to be excited about everything, even the mundane. A Monday morning may not be something we normally jump out of bed for, but perhaps we should try it. It’s not easy, but when you’re happy and excited, you bring your best self. Even if you aren’t feeling it, if you just fake it, soon you’ll realize you actually are happy! It’s infectious to those around you too! Happiness is always chic!

So there you have it folks! We are bringing in a whole new decade! Whether you choose this as the time to restructure some aspects of your life, or decide to stay the same, what a time to be alive! We hope the intentions we are setting will make 2020 our best year yet, but even if not, we will have fun trying! If you are just over the moon with these intentions, make sure to check out other intentions we set both in the fall and to start off 2019!

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