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Sep 20, 2019

5 Intentions to Set for the Fall Season

We don’t know about you, but we are much too eager for fall to begin! For us, it’s more than just cozy knits and earthy tones, but the chance to embrace all the modifications and reworkings that come with the new season. There couldn’t be a better time than fall to mirror a period of beautiful change. As the leaves fall and turn from green to orange, this time is ideal to check in with ourselves shed what’s not working in our lives and allow the good to blossom in order to finish our year strong! While we ‘fall’ in headfirst into these cooler months, here are a few intentions to set when stepping into autumn this year:

Learn Something New

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Nothing says refresh like taking up a new hobby! If you needed a sign to finally start an activity you’ve always wanted to try, this is it! Maybe brush up on your baking skills, or consider taking up a new language. Your mind will thank you for challenging yourself and keeping those constructive gears turning.

Save, save, save

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With fall not only comes holidays and soirees but also daylight savings. This is the perfect time to save in all aspects of your life! We know the sun will rise later and set earlier, but this is the opportunity to be extra mindful and turn off your lights as well as your heating and cooling systems when necessary. This is also prime time to save some extra $$$ for that holiday splurge, or impromptu plane ticket for a summer trip when prices drop during October & November! 

Catch those rays

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The long days are officially over, so soaking up the sun as much as possible is a must for this season! Be proactive about spending time outdoors. Even if it means your Netflix binge sesh moves from your living room to your balcony. Taking advantage of your daylight hours will definitely help beat feeling moody and falling into a gloomy slump!

Make an effort

Image via @theaestheticgirl

The beautiful thing about this season is the way it welcomes change. While the holidays creep up, and you make plans to spend it with people in your closest circle, also take this opportunity to reach out to those you’ve lost touch with. Step outside what feels familiar and have a chat with an old friend, or go out for coffee with someone you’ve recently met. Showing up to be helpful for other people, is a step towards showing up for yourself and making strides towards self-growth.

Trust fall

Image via @workparty

As we reflect on this year and how far we’ve come from January this is not the moment to second guess, doubt yourself or hesitate. Trust yourself that you can accomplish all that you set out for yourself at the beginning of this year. If there are any goals you’re wanting to achieve before the year ends, you’ve got 3 months, all the power – and support from us of course– to do it and do it well!

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