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Jul 15, 2014

How to Look Good and Feel Confident from Style & Pepper

Jessie from the fashion blog, Style and Pepper, (how cute is that name?!) is not only training us in styling, but confidence as well! Her personal style is inspiring us with casual effortlessness and then trend setting boldness. We still don’t think we can pull off those circle sunglasses – but she sure can! She was sweet enough to share with us the road to Style & Pepper and what keeps her looks changing and amazing! Her outfits are perfect for summer/fall transitioning. Ya we said it … the weather still screams summer but the stores are filling up with fall goodies!

We love following along with your blog, Style and Pepper! Tell us a little about why you decided to start it and what the meaning of the name is.

Prior to working for myself, I was a visuals/merchandising director at J. Crew, and before that I worked in traditional marketing and PR for a few different architecture/interior design firms. I’ve always had a very entrepreneurial spirit, and knew that working for myself would be the next step for Style and Pepper as a blog/brand. As far as courage goes, it was definitely (and sometimes continues to be!) a bit nerve-wracking at times, but I’ve based my business upon my Faith, and am lucky to have a loving husband and family who always quick to offer their love and encouragement.

Style and Pepper

Confidence is a huge part of being a style blogger! How did you become comfortable sharing your style in front of the camera?

I agree! I’ve always been fairly experimental with my own personal style, and I think the temporary nature of the fashion choices we make allow me to be bold enough to use it as a way to express my mood. My own confidence comes from embracing the things about myself that I know to be true, and I know that when I feel like the best possible version of myself, I’m more likely to head out into the world and do great things! The actual sharing part originally took a bit of convincing from Mr. Pepper and a few friends, but now it is such a part of our lives that it feels second nature.

Style and Pepper
Round Sunnies, chambray tunic: similarfloral kimono: similar

It’s so easy to get caught up in trends and changes when it comes to fashion. How do you stay confident in your personal style instead of changing every season?

I actually think that changing things up from time to time can help with confidence because it challenges you to stay out of that comfort-zone-rut. In our Pepperologie workshops I talk a lot about finding your super hero capes, and I think that occasionally recognizing the things we rely on and switching them out for new ideas is a great way to strengthen those confidence muscles.

Style and Pepper
 Ray-Ban aviators, shirtdress: similarBlack ring: similar

What are some ways to implement trends into your wardrobe without breaking the bank and straying too far from who you are?

As far as shopping on a budget, I am a HUGE fan of finding trend driven items in places like thrift stores and vintage shops. I love shopping second-hand and even get many of my higher-end classic pieces from designer consignment stores online and at a few favorites across the country. As far as staying true to yourself, I always try to pay close attention to the things I wear most and keep a running list of items that I’m looking for so that I have something to reference while I’m on the hunt.

Style and Pepper
 Sweatshirt, necklace: similar, skirt: similar, wicker clutch, sandal

At the end of the day, what makes you feel confident?

My confidence comes from the things I know to be true: The glow I get from a good sweat session, words of praise from my precious husband, how my body feels when I fill it with healthy food as fuel, the perfect swipe of my favorite bright lip color, and knowing that I was created in the perfect image of an almighty God.

Style and Pepper

What piece of advice would you give to girls out there looking to find and own their own personal style?

Find your truths and embrace them with your whole heart! Seek out the things and people that make you feel amazing, and use them to replace the idea that you fall short of an unrealistic image.

Style and Pepper

Beauty Product you can’t live without: Origins GinZing mascara

Style and Pepper

Shearling jacketleopard top: similar

Fashion trend you wish would come back: I’m not sure if they really even went away, but I could live in caftans and platform sandals for the rest of my life and be a happy lady.

Style and Pepper

1. necklace: similar, tank: similarpants,    

2. sweater: similar, leather jacket: similar, metallic gold bag: similar

Celeb you wish you could swap closets with: Tough! Not sure if she’s officially a celeb, but I love the incredibly inventive looks of a stylist named Elisa Nalin. One of my favorite people to pin! (Natalie Joos is a close second.)

Style and Pepper

Tank: similar

Dream job: Professional Mentor / Talk Show Host

Style and Pepper

1. One of our fave Peacoatsfur collar, white skinnies, booties: similar    

2. military jacket: similar, plaid pants, kate spade totesmoking slipper: similar

Most unique beauty/style trick: I use unfiltered apple cider vinegar about a zillion ways a day, but my favorite is diluting a little in water (1 parts to 4 parts) and using on a cotton ball as toner, morning and night!



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