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Aug 26, 2014

5 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots

Canadian cool girl, Dana Fox, has us covered on the style blog with everything from DIY projects to beauty tutorials on her blog, The Wonder ForestBut today, she’s giving us her fashion expertise on how to style ankle boots (our fave!!) because fall fashion is right around the corner!! With her help, we can start wearing these puppies now (yay!) and still not be sick of them when it starts to cool down.

5 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots - Fashion Blog

Tell us a little bit about Wonder Forest and how it came to be!

I started the Wonder Forest blog as a way to share a little creativity and showcase some of my projects. At the time, I was really into the handmade community and crafty things. Over the course of a year or so, it became much more than that. I transformed it into more of a personal space full of other things Ienjoyed, like design, art, beauty,  fashion and tech.

How would you describe your personal style?

Very laid-back. I don’t enjoy dressing up and am probably the least comfortable in frilly, girly things! I am drawn more towards that surfer girl/hippy style… Items I can move around in freely but still add a touchof my own personality to.

5 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots - Fashion Blog

What is your favorite way to transition from summer style to fall fashion?

See, living in Canada, I feel like this is all we ever do!  Summer lasts about 3 months so our closets are in this constant revolving state. The weather tends to change drastically instead of over time, so there isn’t much of a transition, really. One day I’m wearing shorts, and the next day it’s freezing and I’m bundled up in sweaters! Haha. I guess the best way to “transition” is to just add more layers!

5 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots - Fashion Blog

Ankle boots are one of our favorite accessories!  What are some different ways to style them so that you’re not the girl who wears the same thing every day 😉

Mine too! I love them so much. My favourite way to wear them is definitely with slouchy socks. I thinkthe look is just so cute but cozy at the same time without trying too hard. The best way to switch that up is to get your hands on a bunch of different tall socks. Cable knit ones, patterned ones, etc. The socks alone can change the look.

5 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots - Fashion Blog

Where are your favorite places to shop for fall trends like ankle boots?

I pretty much buy everything online, and that’s no joke. I always love the selection of booties that Lulu’s stocks. Some of my favourite Steve Madden pairs have come from there. Besides that, Free People always does ankle boots right.

5 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots - Fashion Blog

Is there a way to dress up ankle boots so that they can transition from day to night?

You can pair them with tights instead of socks, or try the cuffed look I shared in the post for the evening!

5 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots - Fashion Blog

Favorite trend right now: Torn up jeans. Like, really worn out, ripped jeans.

Fashion/style secret weapon/trick: Before you paint your nails with a lighter or semi-transparent polish, paint them with a flat white. You’ll only need one coat of the coloured polish and it will be way more vibrant 😉

Beauty product you can’t live without: SO MANY. That’s tough… but I think it would have to be my L’oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. It’s the best thing ever and I go through it like a crazy person.

Biggest fashion mistake: I make them all too often, but it probably always comes down to wearing outfits that I don’t feel comfortable or myself in.

Best style advice you’ve ever received: “Very few people can successfully rock high waisted bikini bottoms.” A friend told me this after I had a never ending quest to find the perfect ones. In reality, they look absolutely horrible on me and it’s true that not every body suits every trendy item. I think it’s better to find what suits YOU instead of trying to fit into trendy pieces.

Your biggest style advice to others: Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in :).


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