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Feb 13, 2019

14 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is so much more than just a date with your boo – it’s also a day to celebrate the love between friends, family, and for yourself (Pssst… if you need a little extra self-love, try this meditation!)! So, we’re sharing a fun round up of 14 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day for you to do on your own, with a special someone, or a group of your best gals. Whether you are celebrating with the gals or with your significant other, these cute ideas will guarantee a fab, fun-filled holiday! Get a jump start on the V-Day activities by kicking things off today, and carry them on all February long, because, why not?! Check these 14 things off one by one and have a day filled with lots and lots of love!Here’s to a very sweet and sparkly holiday! Muah!

Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

1. Bake and decorate some treats! We love these Valentine’s Day cookies!

2. Start the day with something healthy – but still festive! like this PB&J Smoothie – because you know you will be indulging later…

3. Jazz up your nails with nail art or stickers (hearts and sparkles are a must!)

Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

4. Get some fresh flowers in a vase, and make sure they’re PINK!

5. Send a hand-written letter

6. Craft classic Valentines for your gals or get them a cute gift!

7. Wear polka dots, and sparkles, and pink, because you can!

Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

8. Make or bring someone breakfast – donuts totally count.

9. Send a “heart attack” package (basically just a really cute explosion of adorable heart shape goodies)

10. Rock a bold red or pink lip color

Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

11. Mail a pretty confetti-filled card, so whoever opens it can’t possibly NOT smile 🙂

12. Make a festive heart garland

Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

13. Mix up a cute pink cocktail – and enjoy it :).

14. Watch your favorite rom-com! Or start one of these great shows

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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