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Jun 05, 2014

DIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop

We all know, everyone’s favorite part of a party is the photobooth! Well we have the easiest makeshift photobooth backdrop for you to set up at your next event, guaranteeing the satisfaction and entertainment of all your guests! Better yet.. it’s all Gold and GLITTERY! (because these are our 2 favorite colors.. obvi!)! But if gold isn’t your thing, you can achieve this look with any color confetti! Not only is this DIY easy, but it’s fun too! We can’t lie, there may have been an excess amount of confetti throwing in making this backdrop.

DIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop DIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop

What You Need:

Canvas Dropcloth
Gold Large Confetti
Spray Adhesive
Curtain Clips
PVC pipes:

– two 7-foot-long 3/4″ pipes
– two 3-foot-long 3/4″ pipes
– four 1.5-foot-long 3/4″ pipes
– one 3/4″ coupling
– two 3/4″ corner “elbows”
– two 3/4″ tees

DIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop


1.  Construct the backdrop frame using the PVC pipes. First, Connect the two 3-foot-long pieces with a coupling in the middle to create a 6-foot-long top bar.

2.  Add the elbows to the ends of this 6-foot piece.

DIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop

3.  Feed the curtain clip rings onto the 6-foot pipe

4.  Connect the 7-foot-long pipes to these elbows to create a big “U” structure.

5.  Secure the tees to the bottom of the 7-foot poles and connect the 1.5-foot pipes to either side creating “feet” for your backdrop.

DIY Glitter Photobooth BackdropDIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop

6.  Lay out the dropcloth and fold the top according to the length you want the curtain to hang at

7.  Coat the fabric with a generous layer of spray adhesive

DIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop

8.  Scatter the gold confetti flecks all over the dropcloth, making sure it is evenly distributed across the canvas

9.  Spray the entire fabric with another coat of the adhesive to ensure confetti is stuck (*Note: A clear coat of spray paint after the second layer of adhesive can also be used to limit the stickiness)

10.  Clip the canvas to the curtain rings on the top bar, spacing evenly  

DIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop

11.  Stand it up and your custom photobooth is ready for use!

DIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop

Grab your props, prep your funny faces, and bring your best pose because you’ll be standing in front of this backdrop all party long! Find more party ideas here!!

DIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop

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  • Fabiola Magdaleno

    This DIY is a great idea! Easy and super fun to do.I am loving the GOLD

    • Inspired by This Blog

      You can’t go wrong with gold glitter!! 😉

  • Meagan

    So cute! I want this at my next birthday!

    • Inspired by This Blog

      So cute! Send us pics of the final product!

  • Claire

    Definitely going to have to try this! So fun and looks so easy!

    • Inspired by This Blog

      Hope you have fun :)

  • Austen Peterson

    Never would have thought of this on my own! Can’t wait to try

    • Inspired by This Blog

      Let us know how it goes!

  • Tess

    WOW! Those girls are as cute as the backdrop! 😉

    • Claire Harvey

      I agree!

    • Inspired by This Blog

      Haha well thank you 😉

  • Claire Harvey

    Too cute! Going to have to try it next time I have a party!

    • Inspired by This Blog

      Let us know how it goes!

  • Emily

    This is the cutest and so perfect for DIY parties!

    • Inspired by This Blog

      That’s what we thought too!

  • Ally

    This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing all the steps!

    • Inspired by This Blog

      You’re welcome! Hope they help!

  • Catherine Wanny

    Really great diy project!Thanks for sharing.

  • Adriana

    This is amazing and I want to give it a try in Silver… But I can’t find the Large Confetti … Do you have a site where to find it… Thanks!!!

    • Inspired by This Blog

      This is where we got ours, not sure if they have silver though :/ Good luck!

      • Adriana

        Thank you so much!

      • sara

        how many 8 ounce packs did you buy to achieve this look? Thanks!

  • Anita

    How many 8 oz packages of glitter did you need to achieve this look? I am trying to mimic but with silver glitter on blue background for a bridal shower


    This is great! Thanks will be trying my hand at this soon!

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