3 Online Courses You Can Take To Boost Your Resume

If you are currently on the hunt for the perfect job, but have yet to have some luck then you are in the right place. It can be so difficult in such an impacted market to stand out in a sea of resumes. We can tell you first hand that it is the skills and drawing design that will get a recruiter or highering manager intrigued about your experience. So if you are looking to up your skillset, or just outlook on the working world then look no further. We have found 3 online courses you can take to boost your job application among the others!

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.01 – Balanced Boss Course

The best way to boost your resume is to change the way you think about it, and create healthy habits to set you up for success. The job hunt is exhausting, especially if you were put out of work, not by your own doing. So when plans change or you don’t feel ready to start hunting, we recommend clarifying your goals, and creating life-giving habits. We love this course because it focuses on improving your life, because you are worth it!

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.02 – A Cut Above

We love the resources that Create and Cultivate provide to all of their readers, and followers. If you are looking for a job in the marketing world, we recommend tuning up your video editing skills with their new masterclass, A Cut Above. The focus of this masterclass is to show you how to create a video like a viral youtube, that will convert to business. After all, the future of marketing is moving towards video content. Get ready to add “video editing” to your skills list!

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.03 – Interpersonal Communication 101

What could be more important than effective communication?! Let us answer this for you, nothing. No matter what field you work in, we can guarantee that you have needed to have good interpersonal communication skills. Taking online courses is a great way to still get the education that you need to set yourself apart from your competition!

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