Our Favorite CBD Products if Oil Isn’t Your Thing

Ahhh CBD the buzz word of the twenty-first century, and for good reason. We have to say we are major fans of all things CBD over here, whether that be face wash, bath bombs, or gummies we can appreciate it all! We also know that oil isn’t for everyone, and the thought of finding alternative products can seem daunting. So if you want to try out some different products that are not oil, then not to worry we are sharing our absolute favorite CBD products. We can bet you will scroll away from today’s article with at least one (if not 4) new products to try!

.01 – Jelly Face Mask & Wash

This CBD jelly mask and cleanser from Freeman Beauty is one of those products we squeeze out until there is nothing left. We are talking cap on the shower floor, bottle completely twisted in a tornado-like shape, type of squeeze. So what makes this jelly mask so much better than the rest? Think of all the destressing benefits of CBD (see what we did there) combined with the trendy milk jelly cleanser, Instagram knows and loves. If you are still not sold, this product is cruelty-free and all ingredients are nature-inspired. You can thank us later.

.02 – CBD Bath Bomb

Photo via @vital.you

Did someone say a bath bomb? We are starting to see heart eyes thinking about a bath bomb that also happens to have CBD in it. Can you just imagine the relaxing oasis this product would create? Trust us it is just as dreamy as you could imagine. For max relaxation pair this bath bomb with the facial cleanser mentioned above!!

.03 – Green Gorilla CBD Gummies

Image via @greengorilla

We can’t think of one person that doesn’t love gummies, they are so fun and feel like you are munching on candy all day long. Now, add CBD to the mix and we know you are going to have to hide these guys high up in your cabinet to make sure you don’t eat the whole jar in one day.

.04 – Sagely Calm & Centered Cream

Image via @sagelynaturals

Now, we know you have so many body moisturizers lying around in your house not being used, so what makes this one different?! Simple, the CBD provides cooling and relaxing properties you won’t find with any other moisturizer. Not to mention it smells amazing with fragrant hues of Lavender, Bergamot, and Chamomile.

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