How Essential Oils Can Change How You Feel

We were recently introduced to the world of essential oils and now can’t get enough of using/sharing/learning about them! You may remember our lineup of essential oils you should have at work. Well, today, we’re sharing about the oils and oil combinations and how these essential oils can change how you feel.

If you’re like us, then this will come in handy on any given day. Whether you’re feeling a bit tired, anxious, all over the place, or just plain blue, these oils will offer a bit of relief. We’ll show you the best combinations, where to get them, and how to apply them. Trust us, you’ll be hooked!

Disclaimer: You always want to check with your doctor before trying any form of alternative health care and essential oils are no different!

The below blends are courtesy of our friend Melody and use DoTerra pure oils. The recipes are for 10ml roller bottles and the numbers are in amount of drops. For diffusers, depending on the size, you can use anywhere from 5-20 drops total of all the oils in the combo.

If you’re feeling…
Exhausted: 20 Peppermint + 20 Elevation +10 Grapefruit

Depressed: 20 Balance + 20 Elevation + 10 Bergamot

All over the place: Sanity blend – 8 Balance + 8 Peppermint + 8 Peace + 8 Serenity + 8 Console + 8 Clarysage

Tired: Energy blend –  25 Peppermint + 25 Motivate

Overwhelmed: 10 Balance + 25  Aromatouch + 10 Peace

In need of a pick-me-up: Happy blend – 15 Elevation + 5 Bergamot + 15 Citrus Bliss + 15 Peppermint

Anxious: 10 Vetiver + 20 Console + 10 Peace + 10 Balance

How to Apply

1. You can apply most of these blends to the back of the neck, behind the ears, or on temples or wrists.

2. Additionally, you can add a drop or two to your hands, rub them together, cut them in front of your face and inhale. This alternative can offer an instant mood effect. (did you know within 22 seconds of inhaling essential oils, they can reach the brain!)

3. Diffuse in a diffuser (find the altered recipes above).

4. Add droplets to an essential oil bracelet. These are both cute and specifically made to wear and distribute the oils onto your skin.

Where to Get Them
The best way to get your hands on these babies? Email us at We’ll connect you with Melody who will help you find the oils or kit that is right for you, how you feel, or your family. Plus she will introduce you to a starter kit that includes the gold diffuser seen above and 4 free custom roller bottles with labels like the ones we have!

Stay tuned for more info on our favorite ways to use Essential Oils. And don’t forget to email us with any questions or ask away in the comments below!

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