Our Favorite Fitness Gear from Amazon

The time has come where we go to Amazon first for, well, everything. The convenience and prices can’t be beat, and when it comes to working out, convenience and price are MAJOR factors. Plus, who doesn’t want to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to something as important as health? So, it’s time to equip your home or gym bag with some of our favorite fitness gear from Amazon. Whether you are working out in your living room, at a hip local studio, or running around town, this equipment will ensure you’re prepared to feel the burn!

Favorite Fitness Gear from Amazon

1. Resistance Bands

If there’s one thing you snag from this list, let a set of resistance bands be it! These babies have the ability to give you the most bang for your buck. They are inexpensive, fool-proof, and super easy to travel with so you can squeeze in a hotel room workout. Plus, there are an endless amount of exercises you can do with them! Our team loves this set, and this one too.

2. Fitness Belt

Let’s be real, we don’t go anywhere without our phones. But we’ve also seen our fair share of shatters screens so holding them while we walk/run just isn’t an option. A belt, or arm band, is essential for our workouts. Plus, if you’re jogging to get coffee, or on a walk with your dog, you can slip your credit card and keys in there as well!

3. Home Weight Set

For just $27 you can have a gym right at home! We love this weight set for completing our Tone It Up or Kayla Itsines workouts in our living room. Plus, the colors are fun!

4. Bluetooth Headphones 

If you haven’t got on board with bluetooth headphones, what are you waiting for?! We can hardly remember the days of cords getting in the way/wrapped around our arms during a run or workout, but we know we don’t want to go back! These ones are pink, so naturally, we love them.

5. Yoga Mat

Whether you do yoga or not, having a mat around doesn’t hurt – queue the ab exercises! This one is cute and speaks to our personal mantra… and this one offers great support for all you hard core yogis!

6. Sport Band 

No one likes the feeling of sweaty leather or cloth so a sport band for your watch is an essential fitness accessory. If you have an Apple watch, this one is great, or we love this one for the fitbit versa!

7. Kettle Bells

To match your neon weights, pick up this set of kettle bells and start swinging! These are super convenient when you want to squeeze in a killer workout – knock out 5 sets of 20 and you’ll have trouble walking tomorrow (in a good way).

8. Balance Ball

Looking to improve your balance? This balance ball is key. Plus, it comes with resistance bands and a workout guide so you’re not left standing there wondering what to do with it (we’ve been there too!). An easy way to start is by doing typical floor exercises (squats, shoulder press, bicep curls) while standing on the ball to challenge yourself!

9. Foam Roller

If you’re not an avid foam roller, you’re missing out! Not only does it release tension in sore muscles, but also it can ensure your body is properly aligned, especially if you follow Lauren Roxburgh’s moves. We are obsessed with her soft roller. Plus, it’s pretty therapeutic!

What are your essentials for a good sweat? 

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