All The Equipment You Need for an At Home Workout

We often choose at home workouts because they’re more accessible, often quicker, less expensive, and all around easier to squeeze into our day. However, there are a few things you need to make the most your daily exercise! Below, is all the equipment you need for an at home workout – which isn’t much!

Mat – Whether you enjoy yoga workouts, pilates, or weight training, a mat is not only good to have but oftentimes necessary. Plus, there are so many cute options out there! We love this pattern, and this one for its absorbency (which means you don’t need a yoga towel)!

Light Weights – the exact weight depends on the type of workouts you will be doing and level of intensity, but we have found that 3lb, 5lb, or 8lb weights are the most beneficial to have on hand. We use 5lbs for workouts such as those in Kayla Itsinss’ Bikini Body Workout Plan.

TRX – This strappy tool, when used properly, can make you sore in SO many ways. We love the versatility of the TRX – not only with where you can hang it (indoors/outdoors, ceiling/beach gym), but the moves you can do. From incline push ups to rows to plenty of ab rippers, find workout inspiration here.

Foam Roller – A foam roller is essential for post workout recovery. Trust us, your muscles will thank you! Here are a few stretches and moves to start with.

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