What to Add to Your Registry When You Already Live Together

In this day in age chances are some of you will already be living with your fiancé/fiancée, or you know someone who is. Just because you have already started building your life together shouldn’t mean that you miss out on the joy of creating a wedding registry. We know for a fact that your loved ones want t help support your union whether or not you live together. So today on the blog we enlisted the help of Silpa Yadla – Founder & CEO of Nook+Cove, to help come up with three ideas for the couple that already live together.

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Silpa Yadla – Founder/CEO of Nook+Cove, an innovative registry with designer-curated furniture and décor from your favorite brands and retailers all in one place, shares her three favorite tips on what to add to your registry when you already live together. 

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Furniture and Décor that Reflects Your Style

If you have lived together for some time before tying the knot, there’s a good chance that you’ve accumulated a bunch of household items. But what about your furniture? Is it mostly hand-me-downs that are about to fall apart? Or mismatched pieces that don’t really reflect either of your styles? A wedding registry is a perfect opportunity to update your home with furniture and décor that reflects both your lifestyles and tastes.  With the registry at Nook+Cove, you can add furniture and décor to your registry from professionally curated looks.  This means that you can achieve a designer look without the designer price tag.  Nook+Cove also allows you to convert any gift into a group gift, allowing your guests to contribute at their comfort level.  This feature allows you to add high-end items such as furniture to your registry guilt-free! 

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Plan for the Future when you already live together

When it comes to your wedding, guests will want to give gifts no matter what to celebrate the both of you. It is easier for guests when they are given some guidance on what to gift and it guarantees that you will receive things that you want. Even if you have everything you need now, you can always plan for the future with the help of your registry.  Perhaps a new home or a baby is in the plans. With a Nook+Cove Room Fund, you can ask guests to contribute towards a nursery or any room of your choice.  With a room fund, you get to work with one of Nook+Cove’s designers for free who will help create the perfect room design for you based on your needs and style. Then you can use your funds to purchase from your customized design to achieve a professionally designed look for your home. You also get to choose when your gifts ship with Nook+Cove. This way everything is on your schedule and on your terms. 

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Pay it Forward

If you truly have everything you need you can always use a registry to help create a cash fund for a charity of your choice.  Make sure you let your guests know why you chose a specific charity and how their contributions will be used.  Contributing to a charity in your honor will not only make your guests feel good but it will also enable you to pool a larger amount of resources and make a bigger impact with your large donation. You can easily create a cash fund for any charity of your choice on Nook+Cove. 

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