Inspired by These Colored Tights with Wedding Attire

Congratulations to Kristen who won our Inspired by You contest! Kristen’s Weddings Inspired by Vintage Photographs was the most popular beating out Weddings Inspired by Libraries and  Weddings Inspired by Reception Games. We loved all the inspiration and thank you to everyone that participated! Kristen, your goodie bag with treats from Wedding Chicks Shop, Custom Programs, and Cupcakes Couture is on it’s way!

Fall/Winter brides always bring us a new dose of creativity as they fuse style and warmth together. Whether it’s  coats, boots or umbrellas, cozy weddings and brides are always some of my faves! This year my favorite winter wedding accessory has been colored tights with wedding attire! I love to see funky tights on the bride or her bridal party, it really shows off their personality and gives a touch of fun under the dress!

Photo by Wildflowers photo

Photo by Andrew Lin

Photo by Caught the Light

Photo by Erin Hearts Court

Photo by Deidre Lynn

Photo by Easy Dreamer

Photo by Angela Anderson Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Photo by Deidre Lynn Photography

Photo by Ben Blood

Photo by Camilla Binks

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  1. @weddingPR loved seeing your wedding featured in the @insideweddings! Such a beautiful magazine! ❤ congrats! You looked so amazing!

  2. Love love love love tights and I think it’s the greatest and most adorable idea to incorporate them into a wedding!

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