Stunning Tennessee Proposal At Southall

Who knew being a beekeeper in training could be the perfect set-up for a proposal?! We didn’t, but we’re sure glad we do now. This proposal at Southall is truly as sweet as honey. As if the love between this couple was not enough, their outfits created a moment all on their own. Wait until you see the ring as you scroll below! It’s absolutely perfect!!  This groom-to-be is warming our hearts as he smiles back at his stunning future bride’s loving disposition. As the first proposal at Southall, these photos prove that it should definitely not be the last!

This beautiful couple describes the moments behind this incredible proposal at Southall,

Chris Dingman, CEO of The Dingman Group, previously attended an event at Southall hosted by Leila Lewis of Be Inspired PR, where he became fascinated with the grounds and what they could represent for him in the future. Little did he know, it would also be a monumental moment for the venue, as the first proposal anyone has ever done there! Krista Joy Photography captured these moments in a way that perfectly paired love…and fantastic use of light. And of course, Leila had to be the one to feature this spectacular day.

“That really is where it all started for me. I imagined all of this that day—seriously! I’m a beekeeper in training with 10,000 bees arriving in May (a gift from Jessica). The fact that Southall also has the tastiest honey on the planet and a place I can always go for advice is super sweet (pun intended). If it weren’t for the bees, the surprise wouldn’t have been possible.

My excuse to get her to Southall was to meet their beekeeper briefly on the way to date night. It made total sense to her that I could drop by and check out the apiary, learn how they make honey, and meet the beekeeper. The reality was the beekeeper wasn’t on-site that day! The center of the sundial on the hill, next to the apple orchard, bees, wildflowers, and lake view, was an absolutely perfect location to ask my favorite person to marry me.”

As the love story continues,

Jessica had no idea she was about to experience one of the best days of her life, even if the trip for the honey would have been worth it as well! She explained the feeling perfectly to truly capture the moment of this proposal at Southall.

“We’ve fallen in love with Franklin since moving here last year, and Southall captures everything this special place has to offer – the scenic beauty, wildlife, farming, southern traditions — saying YES to this man couldn’t have been in a more perfect place, we can’t wait to celebrate our engagement every year at that very spot.”

Once the proposal concluded, the memories did not end for Chris and Jessica. As a remembrance of this momentous occasion for them and the venue, Southall provided a gift that would keep this moment alive and flourishing forever. “Southall gifted us with wildflower seed bombs from the property; we’re currently planting them all over our property so we can be reminded of that beautiful moment every day”

Choosing a spot to ask your person to be with you forever can seem daunting. For Chris, there was no better option than a proposal at Southall. Are you looking for even more inspiration for your future proposal? Check out this Glam Engagement Shoot In The Capital!

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