This Earth Day Brunch is Sweet Like Honey

Earth day is here again, and we have to say we missed it! This holiday is so special to us, and happen to think it’s slightly underrated. Without the Earth, what could we even do? Not to mention, we are kind of obsessed with grounding exercises. Anyways, this adorable brunch planned by no other than Beijo’s Events, is the most stylish way we have ever seen the holiday celebrated. Between the gorgeous decor, and the sweet puns (literally) this Earth Day brunch is sweet like honey! Or as we like to say sweet like Honey, honey!

The planner, Beijos Events shares,

In honor of Earth Day I was inspired to create a shoot inspired by nature, and who better to celebrate than honey from bees?!  Bees are extremely important to our environment and ecosystem, they work to pollinate plants that produce many of the seeds, nuts, and fruits that serve as a food source for local wildlife. With pollination, they basically make food production possible. Additionally, bees’ pollination efforts allow flowering plants to flourish, creating a more colorful and gorgeous environment for all who live there.  Let’s give those bees a hand!!  We decided to pay tribute with a honey-inspired shoot!  Using a runner of the most gorgeous spring blooms in neutral tones from white to soft blush to yellow along with flowers hanging overhead, our table was set!  I loved using all of the different textures and soft spring colors to create this stunning setting.  We also had amazing details with the signage, place cards, stir sticks, and of course the statement-making rentals.  Another bee-autiful touch had to be the delicious spread of food and the tasty cocktails.  Perfection! If you are looking for a spring party inspiration look no further, oh honey, this is all you need!

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Design & Planning
Beijos Events
Lorin Kelly Photo
Floral Design
Third and Park
Catering & Cocktails
Colettes Catering
Details & Signage
Proper Letter
Styling Mat
Chasing Stone 

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