Spring Wedding Flower Tips from The Velvet Garden

While Spring is almost gone, we couldn’t let the season end without recapping some of our very favorite Spring blooms!  We asked Kimm of The Velvet Garden to pull some of her most requested flowers for spring weddings and she decided on these six: Lavender Lilac, Pink Fringe Tulip, Coral Ranunculus, Lavender Clematis, and Deep Purple Sweet Pea.  All are soft and romantic, the perfect pastel colors for a spring soiree.  Before pulling them altogether for a drop-dead gorgeous bridal bouquet, she gave us the run down on each flower.  Some come in multiple colors, others grow on vines, and one is only available for a single month!   Read on to get some little known facts from a floral expert on your favorite blooms!

Spring Bridal Bouquet Inspiration Spring Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

(Bouquet by Nancy Liu Chin)

Lavender Lilac: This is an unusual color that is only available in the springtime. The more traditional color of lilac is a deeper purple!

Spring Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

(Florals by Modern Day Floral)

Pink Fringe Tulip: This tulip has a frayed petal edge and is one of many variety in color.  You can get these beauties in magenta, lavender, white, yellow, and more!

Spring Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

(Bouquet by Cori Cook Floral Design)

Blush Peony: Everyone’s favorite flower! This powder pink color is one of the first of the spring season. (Insider tip: Trader Joe’s carries some inexpensive varieties from white to blush to a fun coral this time of year!)

Spring Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

(Florals by A Day in Provence)

Coral Ranunculus: A petite headed multi petaled beauty. (Always one of our favorites over here at IBT!)

Spring Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

(Photo via Gia Canali Photography)

Lavender Clematis: Grows in vine form and begins appearing in late March.

Spring Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

(Bouquets by Dandelion Ranch)

Deep Purple Sweet Pea: One of the most fragrant flowers! Comes in whites, pinks, coral, and reds.

Spring Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

The Velvet Garden Photography: Brian Saculles Photography

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  1. So pretty! I love the fringe tulips, going to have to get some before they are out of season!

  2. All of my favorites in one place!! Who doesn’t love a good peony or ranunculus?! But now I need to add fringe tulips to my list 😉

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