Snow Covered Cabin Engagement

There’s something so romantic about the snow – especially when it’s as white and fluffy as it is in Ontario, Canada in the middle of winter. This couple weathered the elements for a snow covered cabin engagement – and it was totally worth it. They may not have been cozy in the moment, but they sure fooled us with a picnic in the woods. Thankfully, they had hot cocoa and each other to keep them warm. 🙂

Photographer, Amy Pinder, shares…

These high school sweethearts have journeyed their fair share of Canadian winters together, and what better reason to cozy up to the one you love than a chilly outdoor engagement session. Canadian winters are not for the faint of heart. For 5 months of the year, we dress in warm layers, stay indoors when we can, and consider the ‘snow brush’ to be our ideal Canadian accessory! But despite it all, we embrace the season, knowing that – come the heat of July – we’ll soon be longing for powdered snow and crisp Winter air.

Jamie and Jon’s engagement session took place at ‘The Ranch’; a family friend-owned property with no shortage of beauty across the open acres of land and maple forests that surround it. Deer are regular visitors at the property, and we were excited to see a doe and her faun on the property that evening! My favorite personal touch in this session was the ‘J+J’ inscription that was carved by the homeowners into a maple tree as a surprise gift to the bride and groom; a feature they’ll be able to revisit for years to come at Thanksgiving dinner, Sunday brunches, and family gatherings. Hot cocoa and warm checkered blankets kept the bride and groom warm throughout the session, and Jamie’s incredible sense of style kept the session fresh and modern!


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